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Tom Hauge Retirement Online Auction – Tractors, Farm Equipment, Vehicle, Trailer, ATV, Tools and more!!

Monday, November 14, 2022 @ 8:00 am

Tom Hauge Retirement Online Only Auction, Howard, SD
A great lineup of Acreage Equipment, Vehicles, Trailers, Tools (New and Used), Farm & Shop Supplies
Toys, Guns, Ammo, Daisey Red Rider BB guns in original box and more.
This auction will have something for everyone. Get ready to do some Christmas Shopping on this sale.

Auction starts Nov. 4, 2022 @ 8:00 AM and Soft closes Nov. 14, 2022 @ 6:00 PM.
Location: 43504 228th ST., Howard, SD 57349

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Vehicle, Trailer, ATV
H&W Car Trailer – 18ft w/ 2ft duck tail
1996 Chevy 3/4 ton extended cab pick up, 254592 miles, fifth wheel ball
1993 Honda 4 trax 300 4×4, foot shift, 8928 miles on tach

Farm Equipment
JD 4020 Diesel- WF – Syncrow shift- Excel Cab, Single Hydraulic, 1 new rear tire 18.4R34
New Holland TC30 Utility Tractor – 157 hours, 3 cylinder diesel Kawasaki engine, 1 set of hydraulics
Rhino 184 3pt rotary mower – 540pto #10560
Industrious American F10 Box Scraper
Everest 6ft finish mower – 540 PTO, very good shape
2- 11.2-24 Titan Tires w/ rims & 2 – 5.5-16SL Tires no rims – will fit on New Holland Tractor
Fourmost Big and Little Hog Catcher w/ self catch head gate and drop tailgate
3 point post pounder
Wildcat 8600A Snowblower, 3 pt, 2 – hyd. spouts, twin fan, Like New!

Tools, Shop Equipment, Shop and Farm Supplies
4 Drawer metal file cabinet; Misc Sizes of Hitch Pins and a Clevis; 7 Hitch Pins and a Clevis
Several Reflectors, Parmak Highway warning lights, Twin Reflector Lights
5 Hitch Pins; Bucket Full of Vintage Glass Bottles; Box of Rubber Bungee Straps – Misc Sizes
Replacement Clamps, Charging Clips, Terminal Protectors, Bolts and Shoulder Nuts and Tool Bags
Rubber Feed Pan with 3 Drop cords and a drop light; Bayco Retractable Drop Light and Extension Cord
Pro Lift 30 ton Bottle Jack; 3 Hand Shears; 50 ft extension cord, shop light with reel
Box of Misc Hitch Pins; Misc Crow Bars and Pry Bars; 2 gal gas jug with funnels
5 Misc Clevis; 6 Misc Hitch Pins; New Gate Latch and New External Gate Tank Heater
2 Rubber Feed Tubs, 4 Clevis’s, Cylinder Blocks, Hydraulic Clip Couplers
Tool Box with Drag Section Spikes & Drill Bits and Accessories
Stanley Pry Bar, Hammer, Caulk Gun; 2 Rubber Pans, Light w retractable reel & cable Clamps
2 Mirrors – 1 broke and 1 good, 4 – 300 watt utility bulbs
Irwin Quick Grip and Saw; Misc Shop Fluids – Oil, Diesel Treat, PS Fluid
Pro Lift 20 Ton Bottle Jack; Vintage Wrenches, Star Wrench, chain Binder
Box of Various Size Garbage bags; 2 Drop Cords – Heavy Duty; 2 Shop Brooms
3 Pitch Forks; 2 Snow Shovels, Poly Scoop Shovel & Poly Snow Shovel
Misc Sizes of Several Chains; 2 Snow Shovels, Garden Hoe, Poly Scoop Shovel
Scoop Shovel & 3 square sand shovels; 4 Pitch forks
Snow Shovel, Pry Bar, Stanley Fat Max Sand Shovel; Postmaul, Ice Scraper, 2 shovels
2 ice scraps, pick axe, rack, shovel; 3 Pitch Forks
Gardener Fish Tape- Reel and Winder & Forney 9in x 5/8in, Shop Vac Filters
2 Ladders – 4ft wooden and 6ft aluminum; Grass Shears & Small Ratchet Straps
Gang Wrench with Pry Bar on Vintage Wrench & 2 sledge hammers
5 Vintage Pump Oil Cans; Vintage Blacksmith tools; Antique Wagon Jack
Heavy Duty Drop Cord, New Paint Brush, Oil Filler Extension
Tow Rope – 1in x 20ft; Spring Set, Ashby Bearing pullers, Craftsman Blocks and Clamps
Comfort Seal – Campermount Tape – New; 16ft 5/16 chain
JD 4430 Tech Manual, Motor Service automotive encyclopedia, and JD Fundamentals Manuals
Tractor Tool Box full of wrenches, sockets, nuts and bolts; Large Heavy duty 4 way wrench
Metal Tool Box, Heat Lamp, Flashlight, Metal Brackets; #70 Anvil mounted on wood block
3 – 3/8 log chain with hooks; Misc Chains; Misc License Plates; Mosinee Paper Towel Dispenser
Electric Fence Wire and Spools, Red Rider Shocks, Funnels, Drop Cords, 1 1/2 Banjo Valve
Scrapers, Misc Latches, Filter Wrench, Distributor Cap & Lawn chair
4 Drawer Wooden Cabinet w/ Mowing Supplies w/ sections, riveters, rivets,
5 gal bucket full of new steel post clips; Several New Bags of T post clips
Automotive Tool Box – vintage wrenches, lisle glaze breaker, break cylinder hohn, 5/8 brush & misc
Gear Wrench Standard Ratchet Wrenches – 5/16 thru 3/4 missing 7/16
Tool Caddy w/ nuts, bolts, nails, vintage large corks, and chain connectors
Tire Irons, Pry Bars, Wrenches; 6 – 1inch gate hinges; Tool box of JD 566 Baler Parts
Large assortment of bolts, nails, hinges, pipe fittings, 7/16 eye hooks, screws
Gas Can, Oil Pan, Chair, Wooden Pulley, Land O Lakes Milk Crate
Misc Parts and Pulleys, knuckle, bearings; Metal trash can; Dakon Nipco Heater
Dayton 3/4hp motor & Trailer Quick Hitch and Draw Bar
Misc New JD Belts – new 20in disc blade, 10 steel fuel line,
Shopping Cart full of Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Nails, Hose Clamps, Mouse Traps, 36in Handle
5 – 7ft sickles, guards, hold downs, short rail road irons and mower shoe
Shop Light, Tub full of hammers, pliers, wrenches, Large hitch pins, magnets
New Sweeps, chisel spikes, disc blade scrapers, and chisel shovels
4 buckets of Misc JD Parts – some new some used, bushings, nuts, bolts, pulleys, washers,
Plastic Milk Create w/ rack teeth, misc chain, rope, valve stems, spray paint, lube
Ton and a Half Floor Jack; Rolling Barrel Stand w/30 gal drum of Oil
Large Tarps – Heavy Duty – 22ft Truck Box Tarp, 8 row planter cover tarps, 2 -10ft drill cover tarps
3 Bottle Jacks (1 works) – 1 screw jack & misc light bulbs; Box of used and new drill bits
Several Buckets, Jugs and bottles of Oil – some used some new
Tools Box with Misc Mower Parts – new and used parts
Tool Box Full of Honda Parts – several filters, spark plugs and service manual
Marquette 230 volt farm welder; Box of Misc Wrenches
Box of Misc Screw Drivers, pics, ratchet wrenches; Milwaukee Radio w/ battery charger, usb charger
Box of Misc Wrenches; Set of Craftsman 1/2 sockets missing 3/4 – 1 5/8 JD Socket and misc sockets
Misc Allen Wrenches, cap set; Misc Drill Sets, Dye Sets, Screw Driver Sets,
Vice Grip, air chucks, staples, air line couplers; Box of punches and chisels
Seal Puller, Nut Drivers, Hammer, Tape Measure, File Set; Misc Vintage Wrenches
Misc Hack Saw Blades; Box of Sheers, Hand drills, chisel, wire brush
Box of air blowers, vintage ratchet wrench, screw driver, craftsman box end wrench
Chain Filter Wrench, C Clamps, Vice Grips, 2 grabbers; Vintage Torch Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Nail puller, pliers
Box of Gear and Pulley Pullers; Box of Misc Pliers, Vice Grips, and Chanel Locks
Snap ring pliers, pipe wrench, tool and dye file, o ring picks; Pliers, Nut Drivers, Scissors, Needle nose pliers
New Lufkin 200 ft tape measure and misc several measuring devices – guages, combine clearance gauge
Several files and rasps; Sears Craftsman Toolbox; Stove Bolts, Cotter Pins and Grade 2 1/2 x 3in bolts
9/16 lug nuts, JD Bolts and Lock Nuts, Hydraulic Coupler for 20/30 series JD Tractor & Misc JD parts
27 Drawer Organizer w/ misc fittings, bolts, screws, corks, air valves, valve stems, lug nuts,
40 drawer organizer – Misc Screws, Flat headed bolts; Plano Organizer with misc bolts and screws
Assortment boxes of roll pins, nuts and bolts, and cotter pins; 3/4in bolts and nuts
Small Roll Pins, Misc Bolts, Small Washer assortment and steel washer assortment
Plano Organizer with wire terminals, grommets, washers and bolts
2 steel organizer bins with misc set screws ,leg bolts, rivets, bushings, and bolts
Gorilla Glue, 4in grinding wheels, 4.5in grinding wheels, organizer, and small nuts and bolts
Hair Pin Keys assortment and cotter pin assortment; 2 -10ft #50 Roller Chain and 1 partial
Flaring Tools and Pipe Cutter & Conduit Binder (New) & Trolley Hangers
120 piece fuse assortment – 1/4in bolt assortment and 4pc snap ring plier set
20 bin plastic organizer with hose clamp and plastics fittings; Hiniker Door Hinges
2050 roller chain – 1 new 10ft and partial used; CNH H44 Roller Chain – 10ft new
2 short hydraulic hoses – 40 roller chain and 41 roller chain – new 10ft
#60 roller chain – 10ft – 3 partials; #60H roller chain 10ft – 2 new 1 partial
JD 530 baler chain – used #60; Seal Punch Set – 1/4in nut driver set and a puller
Revolving Leather Punch, jig saw blades and new #1 bolt cutter head
Taillight lenses, reflectors, pipe fittings (plastic) tailgate hanger, and advertiser lever (Bohr)
Battery Parts Box – terminal cleaners, battery bolts, terminal protectors, and jbolt battery hold do
Drill Bits – used and new – masonry and steel and 1 1/2 reamer; 15 bin bolt organizer with misc bolts
Morris High speed Whole saw kit; Wooden 20 bin organizer; 3 organizers of misc light bulbs
Assortment of nuts, bolts, fittings, hitch pins, role pipe, hammer handles, “u” bolts and “I” bolts
Misc assortment of chain, carriage bolts, fiberglass hammer handles, washers
Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts and Regular Misc Bolts with organizer
2 Steel Organizers of washers, nuts, bolts and hitch pin clips; Box of Oil Filter Wrenches
Several Organizers of nuts, bolts and screws; 1000 to 540 PTO adapter
Wooden 14 Drawer Farmer Special Organizer with Several misc parts and hardwar – See pics
Metal Cabinet – 5 shelf with misc filters, oils and funnels; 7 Wix 5010 Oil Filters
4 cans of sea foam and 2 cans of dry graphite and 2 qts ATF
8 qts of farm oil – 10W30 – full and w/ funnel; 15qts of Honda GN4 4 stroke oil – full
5 qts superlube 518 10W30 motor oil – full; JD New Tie Rod End and Tie Rod Tubes
3 Deutiz Allis Filters #74321716; 4 wix filters – #51242; 6 JD AR75603 Filters
8 JD AR45097 Filters; JD 4230 Left Hand Shield #AR82261- New; 6 JD R60846 Filters
6 JD AR50041 Fuel Filters and 2 Wix 33370 Fuel Filters and 1 Fram P1130 Filters
2 JD AR26350 Filters, 1 JD AR45097, 2 JD AR53155, JD light switches, 1 AR45725
JD RE57394 Oil Filter, 2 AR86745 Fuel Filters; Coarse Tooth Sections – New
2 50 Roller Chain – Used & 1 – 60 Roller Chain used and 60 Used Roller Chain
Box of 2 New JD AN102448 Gears and 4 used, used pulley, chain tightener, and poly chain blocks
Box of New Timken Bearings, Compression Tester, Wire Molding Protector, and Used Parts
2 Wix 51125 Filter, 2- Wix 33271 Filters, and 3M Masks (box mostly full)
Misc New Bolts, 2 JD #R63572, 1 JD Pulley AH87929, 3 Bolts #2-R50819, JD Wiper Blades
8 full qts and 1 empty vintage Mobil Oil Cans; Hydraulic Jack Oil, Air Tool Oil, Gasket Sealant
Lawn Mower Air Filter, Muffler, Briggs and Straton Filter, and Swisher Weed Eater Cord 18in
Emery Cloth, Sand Paper, Padlocks; 20×20 4mil plastic tarp, gasket washer kit, tool box chest drawer liners
3/4 and 5/8 in heater hose; Sprayer fittings including Tjets, poly fittings, adapters, nozels
Hose fitting, parts, rubber couplers, banjo 2in caps and hose ends
Misc Spark plugs and spark plug wires – see picture; Misc sizes of zip ties
5 – Makita 14in Chop Saw Blades; 1in Auto Shut off Fuel Nozzle; 1/4in heavy duty riveter
9.00-20 Tire Tubes and liners; Misc Tire Patches, Valve Stems, Caps, Plug Kit and Dremel Tool
Metal Cabinet – 60in tall x 22in wide x 12in deep with misc filters
Metal Cabinet – 60in tall x 24in wide x 12in deep with misc parts, filters, and fluids – see pic
Metal Cabinet – 64in high x 14 high x 12 deep with misc parts ,filters and fluids
Metal Cabinet – 66in high x 36wide x 16 deep with misc parts ,filters and fluids
Metal Cabinet – 30in high x 30wide x 12 deep with misc parts and fluids , belting
36 bin organizer with misc bolts and nuts and washers – some used some new
Tailpipe hangers, 2.5inch muffler brackets; 2 fuel nozzles (both used) 1 is automatic
Magna Force 6hp Air Compressor – 230 volt – 15amp – 60 gal w/ 50′ hose and reel
Garbage Bags, Bungee Straps, Oil Funnel, Lysol Wipes; Lot of 7 Misc Hammers
Ice Scrapers, Snow Scrapers, Spark Plug Cleaner, Duct Tape, 13ft tow rope
Two Bags of New Bungee Straps- 24inch – approx 24 total
Mckita 10mm cordless angle drill w/charger and 2 batteries
John Deere 12 Volt Cordless Impact w/ 2 batteries, charger and misc half inch sockets
Slime Time Repair Kit, Tire Repair Plug, First Aid Kit, Master 1/4 inch socket and bit set
7 piece metric set (6) -Punch set, Side cutters, Carburetor Kit,Mower Blade adapter, lawn mower part
Performance Tool – Folding Standard LUG wrench; Bolt Cutters, Nail Puller, Crow Bar, 2 Axes
Tool Box w/ antique wrenches, sockets, old pipe wrench, pliers, drill bits
Bucket of Propane torches in bottles, zip ties, brushes; T-Bone Tire Repair Kit – looks new
Bucket Full of Misc Hitch Pins, Clevis; Misc C-Clamps, Vice Clamps
Pile of Misc Size Chains and Small Chain Binders, Battery grabbers
Dewalt D21002 3/8in corded drill, JMac 1/2in air wrench; Milwaukee Radio fits 18volt battery
3 – 7in sliding door latches w. hooks and Engine Heater, Spray Can Handle, Clevis
Dremel Bits (6), Air Dremel, Powermate 3 in air cut off tool (new in box)
GPI Electronic Digital Pump Meter, Rayovac Headlamp (New), rubber pan
Colman ATV/UTV mirror, Greenlee Voltage Meter, Nut Extractor, Strapping, New bits
Craftsman Metric 12 point ratcheting wrenches – 8 piece
John Deere Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set – missing 2 wrenches
New 20ft Tow Strap, Golden Rod Repair Kit, Cable Clamps
Dewalt Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set – 9 Piece; GearWrench 7 piece Ratcheting Wrench Set
Gear Wrench Standard Ratcheting Wrench Set – Missing 9/16
Craftsman 5 piece Line Wrench; Craftsman 1/2in drive – Metric Socket Set
JobSmart 8 piece socket adapter set; Stanley 3/8 and 1/4 in drive socket set
John Deere Pocket Knife, Air Nozzle, Pliers, Gorilla Tape, Rubber pan
T Handle Hex Keys – Sets and other lose ones; 2 Full GoJo and 1 Partial GoJo Hand Cleaner
JobSmart 30 piece titanium Drill Bit set – New and Complete
Dewalt DW059 Heavy Duty 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench w/ 3 batteries, charger, misc standard socke
Bucket of Hedge Trimmers, Misc Cat Pipe, Weed Eater Strings, Grabber
Jumper Cables, Battery Cables, Safety Goggles, Heavy Duty Drop Cord – New
Tool Box w/ Drill Bits Set, Saw Saw Blades, Tin Snips, Snippers,
Dewalt DC385 Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw – 18 volt – new w/ 3 batters, charger and new blades
Large Live Trap; Medium Live Trap; Large Live Trap – dent in corner
Dewalt 18 Volt Light – works w/ 2 battery’s, charger and tool bag
Milwaukee M18 Reciprocating Saw w/ 3 batteries, charger, blades
Eclips, PTO pins, Wing Nuts, Cotter Pins, Springs, Roll Pins, Retaining Rings with tool bag
300 and 500 watt light bulbs, 3 point linkage pins, Cotter pins, rubber pan
Misc Screws, Nuts Bolts, Cotter Pins, Washers, Metric Nuts and Bolts, Snap Rings
O-Rings, Cotter Pins, Key Pins; Box of New and Used 1/4in x 25ft air hoses
3 point linkage pins, quick couplers, hitch pins, Dust Plugs
John Deere Sections, Nuts, Bolts, JD parts, Fingers for Bean Head
Box of Flat Washers – 7/16; Box of Flat Washers – 1/2 inch; Box of Flat Washers – 7/16
Box of Nuts – 1/2inch; Heavy Duty Drop Cord; Heavy Duty Drop Cord With outlet box
Shop light with retractable reel; Shop light with retractable reel and portable cordless spot light
Box of 1/2in x 5in bolts; Scraper wheels for JD Planter – New and Used; 2 Tool Roll Ups
3 rolls of 20,000 Poly Twine – 2 full and 1 partial; Maxam Folding Shovel – New & Coleman hand air pump
1 bag DEKALB Seed – wildlife seed cover; Northrup King Hybrid Seed Corn N39M-3111
Stewart Seed Corn – R96DH25A8; Bag of Kibbles and Bits Dog Food – 14lb & Fescue Grass Feed
31 gal. Steele Garbage Cans w/ lid – bent; 31 gal. Steele Garbage Cans w/ lid
JobSmart 47 Piece Stubby Tool Set; Phillips Standard Automotive Headlights -2
Natures best Red Cedar Bedding – 2 2,000 cubic in bags; 2 BZ Straw Seeding Mulch with Tack
3 light duty extension cords and drop light; 31 gal. Steele Garbage Cans w/ lid
15.5 x 38 Tractor Tire Chain; 2 little dolly carts; SPF Lath Boards
Misc Bolts and carriage bolts, flashlight and 16in windshield wiper; 3 step – step ladder
3 scoop shovels; Prolift 4,000 Hydraulic Floor Jack; 3 Ratchet Straps
Bucket of Tire Irons, Pry Bars, Hammer, Fencing pliers, and misc tools
Golden Rod Fence Stretcher, Tool box with misc pins, hooks
Steel Tackle Box with Knife, OB chains and Bolus Gun; 15 piece half inch drive socket set
Promate 11piece 3/8in – 1in combination wrench set; Bucket of Oil Funnels
Bucket Boss Wrench Holder with 1/4 to 1in gear wrench set – missing 5/8 and 15/16
Crow’s-foot Standard Wrench Set – missing 3/8; Shop Rags, Shop Towels, Safety Goggles
Promate 11piece standard wrench set w/ 3 piece flare nut wrench set
2 steel 1 gal oil jug; 2 steel oil jugs; 2 gal steel liquid jug; 5 gal of GP-3 All Purpose Engine Oil
Multiple Quarts of SAE-30 Motor Oil – most full and 2- 10W40 Oil
10 Tubes of JD SD Polyurea grease; 9 tubes of misc grease; 2 – 2.5 Gallon Jug 10W30 Motor oil
1 – 2.5 gal jug SAE30 Engine Oil; Partial Jug of SAE30 Engine Motor Oil
2 Partial Jugs of Universal Hydraulic Fluid; T Handle Nut Driver Set – missing 7/16
1 gal jug of premixed antifreeze and partial gallon JD Transmission Oil
2 – 2.5 gal of UTF; 2 – 2.5 gal of UTF; 5 gal jug of Mobil 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil – Full
5 gal jug of Mobil 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil – Full; 5 gal JD Hy-gard Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
5 gal JD Hy-gard Transmission and Hydraulic Oil; Performance Tool 11gal. portable air tank
Tool Box Full of Riveting Tools & Rivets; Snow Broom and Air Hose; 10 quart Drain Container
3 Oilers; Vintage Feed Scoop and Oil Jar Spout; Vintage Large Tap and Dye set in wooden box
Misc Chain, Vice Clamp, Hammer, Pliers, Rubber Feed pan
4 Pack 8ft x 800lb ratchet straps, 12ft ratchet strap and 1 new ratchet strap
Lincoln 12 volt grease gun – 1 battery , 1 charger and case
Milwaukee Corded heavy duty Saw zaw w/ new blades; Magnet On Wheels
Box of Break Fluid, W40, Spray Paint, SAE 30, 5W30, Air Motor Lube
Thorsen 1/4 in drive sockets and bits & 1/4 in drive socket set
T & E Tools 30 piece screwdriver and insert bit set; Jumper Cables, Traveler Towing Kit
Tote of Break Cleaner, electric Cleaner, WD40, Spray Paint, Duct Tape, Gear Lube
Industrial 8 pc silver and deming bit set; Power Torque 19 pce offset ratchet & socket set
Thorsen screw driver set, Tool Shop Screwdriver Set, Markers, Hammer, sheers, Level, pliers, and mis
208 pce solderless electrical repair kit; 4 – Slow Moving Vehicle Signs and Cleary Building Sign
Tote of 5 pc torch screw driver set, misc screw drivers, grounding adapters, measuring tape,
Bayco 950 lumen magnetic base lite, Flourescent work light; PT Hose clamp pliers
Grabber, Whips, Sorting Sticks, Wooden Hooks; Tote with pins, shims,clamps,side cutters
Beacon light 12 volt magnetic base; Hand Saw, Vintage Pipe Wrench, Car Wrench, level, Pry Bar, Pick Ax
4 impact sockets deep well 1/2” drive; 100ft drop cord, long hammer, rubber mallet, crescent wrench
JMAC Pro series 5 pce air hammer & chisel; Lagrange Chop Saw w/ Makita and dewalt chop saw blades – 14in.
Tool Box full of Sockets, Socket wrenches , nut drivers, vice grips
JD Hook and Pick Set & Partial Set of screw drivers; Screw Jack; Pair of Nippers, Adjustment Wrenches, and Pliers
Ace Tool box full of Dewalt 2 – 20volt batteries, 1 20/60 volt 9 amp battery, Milwaukee Bit set
Vintage JC Penny Tool Box with picks, testers, switches, nut drivers, and misc electrical supplies
Corded shop Light and 50ft cord with shop light (new); Heavy Duty Jumper Cables
New Tractor Seat Cover; 8- Wedge Down Spout Screen, fiberglass, 4 Shami Pads
Celluloid Spreaders; Celluloid Spreaders; Jmac 8 pc standard ratchet wrench set
Milwaukee Whole dozer hole saw set, Milwaukee drill bit set 1/2in., 3 performance tool pry bars
Powerbuilt 1/2in Ltype Lug Wrench; Craftsman Pneumatic cut off tool; 4 pc caster wheel set – 2 swivel
Chanel Lock Pinchers and Pliers; Powerbuilt Universal Lug Wrench
Dewalt Right Angle attachment, 1/4 hex shank adapter, Dewalt Hex Bit Set
Box of Rivets, steel screws, self tap screws and wood screws and hose clamps
WR Case and Sons Cutlery – Folding Collectors Knife with leather carry case w/ box
Bucket of Gas Nozzle, Blow Gun, JD Sheers, Magnetic Key Holder, Paddle Lock, 3 pc file set,
Toro 8″ cordless trimmer w/ batter, no charger; 3 – 18 volt XRP batteries and tool bag
Milwaukee M12 charger, 2 claw hammers, misc wrenches and socket wrench
Dewalt 1/2 in 20 volt cordless hammer drill, 1/4 impact driver cordless, 2 – 20volt battery, charger
Gorilla Tape, Vice Grip Pipe Wrench, 2 Cup Brushes, Milwaukee Scissor sheers w/ tool bag
Milwaukee Tool Bag w/ 9 pc Milwaukee hole dozer whole saw kit, thunderbolt drill set, 1/4 bit set
Mini screwdriver set, picks and scrapers, right angle flexible shaft, tape measure
2- 20 volt 5 amp batteries, 1 20 volt battery w/ 20v to 18v adapter, 20v charger and bit set
2 Milwaukee 12 or 18v charger and 18 volt batter w/ bag
Dewalt cordless 18v grinder, flashlight, 3 batteries, charger, grinding wheels, and 11pc hex bit set
Dewalt Flex Volt 60 volt 7 1/4 skill saw w/ 2 ah batteries
Life line 35 pc road side Emergency Kit; 5 small tool set; Electric floor fan
Tool bag w/5 rolls of weed eater string, Dewalt screwdrivers, Milwaukee bit set
DeWalt cordless shop vac no battery, works with electricity as well
Schumacher Battery Charger; 4.8-12 Mounted on 5 bolt rim tire; Misc Advertiser Yard Sticks
5 Hand Saws; 6 misc hand saws; Tub of misc light bulbs; Tub of Cleaner, brushes, sheers, tape
DeWalt battery operated radio w/ battery; Forec 10 electric floor fan
Plasric ammo tote, Plastic step stool; 20ft fuel transfer hose; Dewalt Power Tool, Tool box
Tub of channel lock pliers, wrench, tape measure, tap set, pliers, 21 pc gear wrench ratchet set
Ammo Box w/ 6 can Rust-oleum white spray paint; 2 – 34 piece hose clamps assortments
Misc pocket knives, wrench roll, lawn mower blade removal tool
Welding Helmet, 3 wire brushes, expanding garden hose
Craftsman Precison Screwdriver set, Olympia 28pc ratcheting handle socketing set, AAA Batteries -new
Pens, pencils, expanding garden hose, markers, rain gauges,
Craftsman socket set, nippers, screw drivers, wheels; Light Bulb Changing Kit
Utility Light Bulbs, Pipe Thermal Rack, Cotton Gloves
4 slice toaster ,screwdrivers, caulk gun, snap hooks, calculator, battery filler
3 drawer tool box with screw drivers, sockets, crescent wrenches, pliers, stop leak
Dasco 12 pc punch and chisel set, 25ft tape measure, screw drivers, screwdriver bits, air gauge
Homak 3 drawer portable tool box – new in box; 3 – 1 gallon jug of zerex and 1 gal jug antifreeze/coolant
2 – 2.5 gal jugs of JD Cool-Jard2 antifreeze and coolant; Schumacher 6v/12v 6amp 2 amp battery charger
2.2 gal gas jug and 2.5 gal radiator filler; 2 – New 2in x 27ft jhook ratchet tiedowns
XVLUX Pro 4×5 welding Helmet; 24ft sump pump hose and tote w/ light bulbs
Tool Box w/ tap and die sets, screw extractors, nut drivers
Tool box of wood bits, hand drills; Tool Box w/ Chicago air hammer w/ bits and sockets
Tool box w/ misc electrical tools, 3 way tester, amp holder, misc switches
Bucket of bungee straps, battery carries, hitch pins, clips
Steel pan, misc saws, speed squares, chain breakers
Rigid Pipe Threader, Handle, 1/2, 1in, 3/8, 3/4 pipe threaders; Tool Box w 2 sickle rivet tools, sections,
Tool box w/ adjustable wrench, vice grips, hammers, misc nuts and bolts
Thorsen 1/4in drive socket set and misc screwdrivers and pliers; Fleet 3/8 drive socket set
Craftsman 3/4in socket set w/ ratchet and breaker bar
Instant Power Jump Pack and Solar 10-2 amp charger and 55 amp starter
ATD Blower/Heater attachment, staple gun, 50amp plug (female)
Timeall Outdoor Timer Plug & Tote-A-Volt 110 volt switch
Funnels, hand sweeps, tape measures, measuring tape, rain gauge
Weather Stripping, dryer plug, 14/2 wire; 3 heavy duty switches, 1 medium duty switch, multi tester
Metal Socket Tool Box w/ first aid kit & 3/8 angle speed ratchet and 1/4in air drill w/ holster
Harthrite LP Wall Heater; Retractable Power Cord and Power Strip; ATD Tools Creeper
Fleet 1/4in drive socket set and Makita cordless drill w/ charger, 1 battery
TrueCraft 1 11/16 wrench, KT 1 5/8 Wrench, Pony 1 1/2 wrench, TrueCraft 1 3/4 wrench
Golden Rod Fence Stretcher, Misc Drill Bits; Challenger 1/2in drive socket set
Black and Decker 1/2 air impact wrench; 25ft 1/4in air hose, gloves, detailing towel
Box of Misc Wrenches, hitch pins, adjustable wrenches, needle nose pliers
pipe wrenches, Pry Bars, Misc. adjustable wrenches, wrenches, putty knives, chain breakers
Nippers and Fencing pliers; Bolt Cutters and Misc Size C Clamps
Greenfield Tap and Die Set in wooden case; LP Wall Heater; Trailer Jack
Campbell Hausfeld 4ft blow gun, 38in door seal; National Equipment Grain probe
Heavy Duty Jumper Cables and replacement clamps; Come-A-Long; LP Wall Heater
Pro Series 20in tool box w/ misc tools and zip ties; Misc JD Planter Parts
Bucket of Pry Bars, Nail Pullers, Wrenches, Hammers, Screw Drivers, Allen Wrenches
Rubber Pan w/ pry bars, rigged wrenches, rigged pipe wrench, misc gear wrenches, chain hooks,
Little Giant Vintage Tap and Die Set in wooden box; Jonnesway 8pc Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set
Gear Wrench 7pc metric ratcheting wrench set; JD 7pc Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set
Welco Flux Coated Bronze Welding Rod 1/8; Thorsen 1/2in standard socket set
Magnetic pickup roller; Nylon tow rope w/ hooks; Equiprite 2″ x 20′ tow strap
2″ x 20′ tow strap; LuMax 8 qt oil can w/ flex spout
399 pce electrical repair kit & organizer w/ half moon keys, roll pins, snap rings
399 pce electrical repair kit & hair pin assortment
Organizer w/ lock nuts, flange lock nuts, electrical connectors; Lariet rope, misc. rope
Hvy duty electrical drop cord; Cotter pin assortment and sheet metal screw holders
Grease zerk assortment, Lock n lube grease ends; 3 ammo boxes metal
Stanley Tool Box w/ vice grips, misc wrenches, grease fittings,
JD Coarse tooth sections, section bolts, JD guards, Used JD gears, and other JD Parts
JD Coarse tooth sections, Section nuts and bolts, Hydraulic fittings, JD Guards, bearings, springs
Rubber Pan full of misc wrenches, pliers, vice grips, nut drivers, zip ties; Misc Garden Tools
Rubber Pan with power craft wrenches, pipe cutter, screw drivers, misc wrenches
PT 1/2 drive long extension set; JD 20pc Combination Metric Wrench Set
Stow-Away Tool Box w/ hand sweeps, insulated gloves, ice scrapers,
Mechanics Product 22pc Standard/metric wrench set – missing 15
SK Combination Short Standard Wrenches; 2 Tow hitches & misc metal brackets
Bucket of Misc Wrenches, Hammer, Breaker Bars, extensions, and sockets and bone wrench
Craftsman Metric and Standard Ratcheting Set – missing 1 socket; SK Short Metric Wrench Set
Bucket of Water Can, Speaker, Big Hitch Pin, Bungee Straps, Zip Ties, Steel Clips
Alltrade metal tool cabinet; Wayne 1/3hp sump pump with hose
Professional Tool Tower – 5 drawer and 1 Shelf; 21,22,24,25 metric gear ratcheting wrench set
Keter Plastic Folding Table; Sickle Sharpener w/ bad motor
Aluminum extend ladder; Werner 3ft 9in aluminum bench and 4ft step ladder
2 point top link; 3 pt arm hitch; JD Step and Handles
SunCast Hose Reel and Hose; Pallet of various scrap metal
30 gal. Steel Oil Drums – 15W40 Super Lube – aprox half full
30 gal. Steel Oil Drums – 10W30 Super Lube – aprox quarter full
Flex-O-Ladder II; Pro Tecta Box for full size pick up box; Hi-Lift Jack
Northstar Generator w/ Honda GX390 13hp motor – gas – 8000ppg
Antique wagon Jack; T Post Puller; Pry Bars – 5; Trailer Jack and Jack Stand
2 ax’s, pick handle, scraper; Prolift 3ton floor jack – does not work

ERTL JD AMT 600 1/16 Scale Die cast Metal Toy; JC Scale Models Steiger Panther 1/32 scale toy tractor
Danbury Mint 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air car; Danbury Mint 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa toy car – metal
Danbury Mint 1935 Duesenberg SSJ metal toy car; ERTL Deutz-Allis 6260 1/16 scale die cast metal
Danbury Mint 1927 Stutz Black Hawk metal toy car
ERTL Massey-Harris Challenger tractor 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast Oliver 990 GM Diesel Tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast Oliver 88 Gas NF Tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast Metal
ERTL Massey-Ferguson 398 4WD tractor 1/16 scale, Die Cast Metal
Scale Models Melroe Spray Coupe, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
Scale Models Massey 8590 Rotary Combine, 1/64 scale, Die Cast Metal
SpecCast Allis Chalmer D14 tractor w/ bar grill, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast Allis Chalmer D14 tractor w/ bar grill, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast Allis Chalmers D15 tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL GTA Feeds IH 680T Semi & Trailer; ERTL Allis Chalmers D21 tractor, 1/16 Scale, Die Cast Metal
ERTL Allis Chalmers 8010 tractor w/ cab, 1/16 scale, Die Cast Metal
ERTL Deutz-Allis 6260 tractor, Special Edition, 1/16 scale, Die Cast Metal
SpecCast Allis Chalmers D14 tractor, Official 1989 Summer Toy Festival Show tractor,1/16 scale metal
ERTL New Holland Skid Steer loader, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
Oliver 70 Row Crop tractor, Die Cast metal #1088; SpecCast Case DC-4 WF tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Case “VAC” tractor Special Edition, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Massey-Harris 44 tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
Road Signature Collection 1948 For F-1 Pickup, 1/18 scale & 1:43 scale models (One money)
ERTL Deutz-Allis Gleaner L3 combine, 1/32 Scale, Die Cast metal
Auto World 2015 Ford Mustang GT, 1:18 scale, Die Cast metal
Indian Scout Motorcycle toy, 1/6 scale, Die Cast metal; Ford Thunderbird Convertible, in box, w/ hard cover top
Scale Models Versatile 256/276 4WD tractor, 6 row planter, 6 row cultivator, duals, 1/32 scale
Maisto1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Typ Specialroadster 1/18 scale, Die Cast metal
Maisto Porsche 550 A Spyder toy car, 1/18 scale, Die cast metal
2016 Budweiser Stein “December Excursion”; 2016 Budweiser Stein “December Excursion”
JD metal horse drawn wagon; ERTL IH 2+2 6388 Tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Super M-TA tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL CaseIH 7120 tractor w/ cab, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Case “L” tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal; John Deere Reliance Buggy (1899-1923) metal
The Bradford Exchange, #0874 Model Super C tractor, w/ Certificate of Authenticity
SpecCast IH White Farmall Cub tractor w/ sickle mower, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL 4 bottom plow, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
Scale Models MM Limited Edition tractor, 868 of 5000
ERTL CaseIH PTO Barge Wagon, 1/32 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Anhydrous Ammonia tank, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
Nylint City Delivery truck, “WIX Filters”, Metal
CaseIH 1911 Case Steam Engine & Thrashing machine, 1921 Dennis N Type firetruck toys
SpecCast IH Farmall 544 Gas NF tractor w/ 4 row cultivator, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Precision Series The Little Genius Plow, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
Misc. 1/64 farm toys, tractor, mixer mill, grain dryer
Gehl 4610 skid loader 1/25 scale & ERTL Historical toy set
Bobcat 743 skid steer, Massey-Harris 44 tractor 1/32 scale,
ERTL JD 1934 Model “A” tractor 1/43 scale, Massey Harris Challenger 1/43 scale
ERTL Versatile 836 4×4 tractor, 1/32 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL NH Manure spreader, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL IH Tractor & Wagon 1/34 scale, Die cast metal
ERTL Fordson Tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Farmall Cub tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
Massey-Harris Delivery truck bank – metal, Boy feeding pig figurine
ERTL CaseIH 5130 Battery Operated 4WD tractor, working PTO, 1/32 scale
Danbury Mint 1949 Jaguar XK120 metal toy car
ERTL CaseIH 4994 Battery operated tractor, working PTO, Forward-Reverse
ERTL Precision Classic Model A tractor; ERTL Farmall Super MD tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL McCormick SD-9 tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast 1937 Model 62 tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD 4 row corn planter, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast Camion Replique truck, 1/25 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD6210R tractor & Grain cart, plastic
ERTL JD MFWD tractor w/ Sound guard cab, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD 1600 mower conditioner, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD S670 combine w/ lights & Sound, w/ bean head
ERTL JD Utility tractor w/ loader, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD 1953 70 Row crop tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD Round baler, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast JD 1965 2020 tractor, Diesel, WF, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast JD 1941 55 3 bottom plow w/ hydraulic lift, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD Combine w/ heads, 1/80 scale, Die Cast metal; ERTL JD 5020 Diesel toy tractor metal
ERTL JD “D” tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast, 100 years 1894-1994 Minneapolis
ERTL JD 1935 Model “BR” tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD 1958 Model “630 LP” tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD 1915 Model R Waterloo Boy tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast JD B tractor, Pewter; ERTL JD 1935 Model BR tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Farmall F20 tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL Big Farm JD 4020 Diesel tractor w/ JD MX7 rotary mower and JD 3 pt blade, Lights & sound
SpecCast JD 1947 Model M tractor w/ 2 bottom plow, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
SpecCast JD 1948 Model 55AB 3 bottom plow on steel, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD “D” tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD Model M tractor, 1/16 scale, Die Cast metal
ERTL JD 4425 combine w/ bean head, 1/50th scale, Die Cast metal
Versatile 256 1/32 scale toy tractor & ERTL Massey Harris 44 1/43 scale tractor
4 rolls of misc. rug runners and Stack On tool box drawer liner

Winchester Model 12 – 12 gauge 2 3/4in chamber, pump action Mfg. 1955
Mossberg 590 Pump Action Home Defense 12 gauge w/ sling – 2 3/4 and 3in shells
Stoeger Uplander Supreme 20 gauge S x S – 3in chamber
Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Luger – w/ 2 clips, sling, and AIM 2.5-10×40 scope
Marlin .410 – 2 1/2 chamber, lever action; Outdoor Edge knife set – in case
Henry H001 22 Cal.-2 of 100 edition-Lever action-Historic Gila County Arizona Memorial Gun Engraved
Marlin Model 60 Semi- auto 22LR – microgroove barrel – excellent
Henry 22 cal. Model H001 – S/L/SL – lever action – excellent condition
Henry H001ML 22 cal. S/L/LR – Mares Leg Big Loop lever action w/ soft carry case
Rossi .22 LR – Single Shot – Pistol w/ .410 gauge barrel included – Model # P4102211
Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun w/ original box – never been fired
Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun w/ original box – never been fired
Daisy Red Ryder in original box – 70th anniversary edition – never been fired
Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun w/ original box – never been fired
Daisy Red Ryder in original box – 70th anniversary edition – never been fired
Sheridan Cowboy BB Gun – lever action – no box – unsure if fired
JC Higgins Gun Cleaning Kit in case; Sears Rifle Cleaning Kit in case
Truck Gun Rack – 1 pair – new in box; Mastercraft Rifle Cleaning Kit

Custom Kanal Street Golden Knife with Case
Handyman American Trades Pocket Knife w/ box
Kanal Street Cutlary Pocket Knife with leather carry case
Zippo Tape Measure; Zippo Pocket Knife 7600
Handyman American Trades Pocket Knife and Sheffield Pocket Utility Knife
RMEF outdoor edge field cleaning kit

2 boxes of Maxum LR load 12 gauge – 2 3/4, 6 shot; 3 boxes 12 guage ammo
2 boxes – Remington Express XLR 12 gauge 2 3/4, 5 shot
2 boxes – Federal 20 gauge, 2 3/4,. 6 shot; 2 boxes – Federal 20 gauge, 2 3/4,. 6 shot
Aguila .22 Super extra high velocity 40 grain shells – 500 cartridges
Aguila .22 Super extra high velocity 40 grain shells – 500 cartridges
Winchester .22LR 40 grain shells – 274 shells
150 – Master-Mag .22LR Shells and partial box of Federal 36 grain .22 shells, hallow point
Hornady – 45 Colt , 225GR FTX – 20 shells; 25 – .45 Colt Shells; 34 – 9mm Shells
Aguila 9mm Luger FMJ 115 grain -50 shells; 1 box – Federal .410 2 1/2 – 6 shot
20 – Remington .410 – 2 1/2 , 6 shot shells; 10 – Winchester PDX1 .410 Defender 3in shells
20 – Winchester Super X 3030 150 grain hallow point shells
40 – Imperial 3030 Winchester Shells; Copperhead Easy Pour Container – 6000 BB’s
Daisy BB’s – 6000 Zinc Plated; Vintage Daisy Red Ryder BB Strong Box – 32 packs

4 – Hesston National Finals Rodeo Belt Buckles – Montana Silver
4- Hesston National Finals Rodeo Belt Buckles – Montana Silver
4 – Hesston National Finals Rodeo Belt Buckles – Montana Silver
5 – Hesston National Finals Rodeo Belt Buckles – Montana Silver
4- Belt Buckles; 3 Belt Buckles; 4 NRA Belt Buckles
5 NRA Belt Buckles; 6 Corn Palace Stamped Belt Buckles

Serta Leather Office chair; Wood jewelry boxes 1 big, 1 small
End table w/ drawers; Vintage Valet Stand; Drop leaf table w/ 6 chairs
China Hutch; Wood table w/ 4 chairs; Stool & Mug holder
Plastic storage containers w/ lids; 2 antique school desk
Hunter Ceiling Fan – 52in white; Shark cordless hand vac
Tub w/ misc glassware – coffee cups, glasses, plates
Noitake China (plates, bowls, serving tray, Turkey Platter,) metal platter
Tfal Quart Pot & Pyrex Dish
Serving Platters, Ash Trays, Bowl, Silverware, Noritake Plates
Misc Glassware – glasses, cake plates, ect. w/ Howard centennial plate
It innovative technology 6 in 1 nostalgic entertainment center
New Sterling Kitchen Faucet and New Nipco Kitchen Faucet

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