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Pabst Beer Signage, Advertisers, Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Tools, Cast Iron Seats, Toys, Vehicles, Trailer, Vintage License Plates, Shop Tools, Skid Steer Attachments, Misc. Farm Equipment and More!!

Monday, October 9, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

Pabst Beer Signage, Advertisers, Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Tools, Cast Iron Seats, Toys, Vehicles, Trailer, Vintage License Plates, Shop Tools, Skid Steer Attachments, Misc. Farm Equipment and More!!

Starts Sept. 29th, 2023 @ 8:00 AM and Closes on Oct.9, 2023 @ 6:00 PM.

Pickup Dates: Oct. 10th & 11th, 2023 from 10:00 AM – 4 PM each day or by Appointment.
All the lots will be located at 23510 422nd Ave., Fedora, SD 57337
Call Steve Larson 605-770-9818, Justin Dean 605-999-4239, Kelbi Dean-Messmer 605-999-8812, Austin Messmer 605-353-5001 for information on this auction.

Misc. Beer Advertisers, Signs and Mirrors
PBR Beer bottles and glassware, Vanburen Bay Inn menu, paper beer six pack case
PBR beer pitcher and glasses, Hamm’s Beer Cooler
PBR beer wall mount lamp- works
PBR Beer pitcher and glassware
PBR beer “Cool Blue Surf” lighted electric sign – works
PBR Beer pitcher and glassware
Misc metal beer cans- empty
PBR Beer Steins
PBR Beer pitcher and glasses
PBR beer wooden electric clock – works
PBR beer cheese box, serving trays and glassware
PBR beer metal bucket, football and patch
advertiser ashtrays, pencils, and a small world globe
PBR beer plastic electric clock – works
PBR beer serving trays, glassware, and wooden cheesebox
PBR beer goblets, pitcher and PBR poster
GrainBelt metal bucket, Texas shot glass and a Tums vintage thermometer
PBR beer pitcher with 6 stemmed glasses and misc beer hats
Hamm’s beer Electric lighted sign – works
PBR beer serving trays , glassware, tin can bank and paper PBR container, wood cheesebox
PBR beer metal buckets, tin can bank and advertiser banners
PBR beer electric clock sign – works but is cracked
misc beer glasses – Hamm’s, Bud, Coor’s Light, Old Mil and Grain Belt
PBR beer pitcher and glasses
PBR beer melted glass bottle clock – battery operated
Vintage PBR beer mirror with a metal frame
PBR beer barrel keg plastic sign
Miller High Life electric lighted plastic sign – works
PBR beer mirror
PBR Beer Metal Sign
PBR beer wildlife series 1991 common loon mirror
PBR beer mirror
PBR beer card board beer case, marble board, poker chips, playing cards
PBR beer paper poster with frame
PBR beer advertiser frame
PBR beer poster and frame
PBR beer thermometer- metal
PBR beer Upland game birds mirror
PBR beer advertisers, coasters, matches, ash trays
PBR Beer Lighted Plastic Sign
PBR beer advertiser frame
Armed Forces Commemorative Stein
advertiser glass ware – cups, mugs, shot glasses
PBR tap levers, ash trays, coasters
PBR beer bottle openers
PBR beer bottle openers
Hamm’s bottle openers
PBR beer bottle openers
PBR beer Oval mirror
PBR beer mirror
Old Mil wildlife series beer mirror
PBR beer globe light – ceiling mount — works
PBR beer Clock- plastic battery operated
Heilman’s Old Style Beer mirror
PBR beer advertiser frame
Old Mil plastic beer sign
PBR beer mirror 1990 Timberwolves – wildlife collection
PBR beer 2 globe hanging beer light – works
PBR beer mirror 1991 Whitetails – wildlife collection
PBR beer mirror 1991 Whitetails – wildlife collection
PBR beer styro-foam cooler
metal PBR beer thermometer sign
PBR beer wood sign
PBR beer wood sign
Pabst Lite beer light – works
PBR beer card board beer case with bottles
PBR beer light – Don’t work
2 – PBR stained glass look- plastic beer signs
PBR beer Electric lighted beer signs -work
Bud Pheasant Neon Sign – works
Miller Lite Beer Mirror Decor
misc PBR beer cans- empty
Hamm’s Beer sign with scrolling display – plastic – works
Lowenbrau Beer mirror decor
Pabst 2 globe ceiling light- works

Metal pool regulations sign
MGD Harley Davidson Sign
Terry Redlin “Homeward Bound” print with frame
Terry Redlin “Family Traditions” framed print
Terry Redlin ” Night on the Town” Christmas plate and John Green “Moonshine Gulch” print
Western Print “Hedge Row” by Peter Sculthorpe
McCurdy Hybrids dealer sign
advertiser memo pads and calendars from area banks (1918, 1913, and other misc years)
Vintage Measuring Devices – 1 advertiser Wise Hardware Artesian, SD
Metal JD Signs – Tin
Misc. JD Collectibles – Tire clock, Picture frame, Key chain, Bell and more
JD Christmas Ornaments 1998-2009, JD Coin bank, key chain, picture frame
Advertiser match books, glassware, organizer tote & misc.
Misc. JD Collectibles – Ornaments, Visors, Key chain, Coasters, Misc. Christmas ornaments

Antiques & Collectibles
SD Belt buckle collection
Wood serving tray and South Dakota Magazines, mirror and white board
Misc. Ball Jars
Farm Implement News Vintage magazines and misc. prints
JD Christmas Ornaments 1998-2009, Miniature JD tractor set
Vintage Coffee grinder
Oil Lamp books, Kitchen Gadgets (1920-1950) book and misc. knick knacks
Vintage Collectibles, Advertisers – Box full
Electric lamp w/ ceramic base
Misc. Household items
History of Farm implement companies and wrenches
Franklin Mint JD Tractor Knife Collection 2 knives
Vintage Coffee grinder wall mount w/ glass top
Misc. JD collector items – Trays, thermometer, tractors, Memo pad, knife
Cast Iron seat books
Vintage Peerless Oil bottle
Humpty Dumpty Wood egg crate, Iron folding stands, plates, Power gripper, picture
JD Collectibles- Utensils, Salt & Pepper, pop corn bowl
JD Collectibles Clock, license plate, wind spinner, calendar
JD Pocket Watch w/ case
Glass flower vases w/ lamp
Vintage “The Furrow” Magazines
JD Pocket Watch w/ case
Vintage Fan, Metal comb& brush holder, Wood shelf and more
Misc. Glassware – pink depression serving tray, bottles and servers
JD Blueprint Replica set, Calendars, metal signs
Vintage Metal hat holder – unique
SDSU Memorabilia items – hats, books, Misc. advertisers, Iron holder and more
Glassware & Wood basket
Brewopoly Board game and playing cards
Misc. Pictures and Prints
Vintage Coca Cola bottles and Coca Cola Bottle
Vintage Jewelry case w/ costume jewelry, Polaroid camera, Keys
Vintage Military Picture – 8 1/4″ x 42″
Misc. Calendars and Vintage pictures
Wood rake &pitch for w/ hanging brackets
Metal Pig watering can
Rug beater, Wicker basket and vintage wall rack
Vintage Wicker Baby Buggy
Misc. Household items
Grudens Foul Weather Gear Pants, bolt organizer
Vintage Picture frames and Wall decor, Napkin holders
Flower pots, solar lights and stands
Misc. advertiser hats and old vintage lady hats
Vintage Wicker Picnic basket w/ ice cream scoops, utensils, JD apron, serving tray, candle holders
Misc. VHS tapes- Harry Potter, Monster Inc., Chicken Run and more
Wood ammo box and 3 cowboy hats 7 1/2
Kids table top hi chair and water floaty vest
Solar lights, Bird house, fountain and misc. decor
Cabbage cutter and wood rack
Case XX folding knife Zip Feeds advertiser 50 years
Metal cash box and metal file cabinet w/ keys
Vintage Canister set – metal
Vintage yard wood wagon w/ metal wheels
Wall shelf brackets and plastic pistol case, wood decor
Misc. hub caps
Vintage small folding knives, Leather punch, wall decor
JD Marbles, DeSoto ash tray, toy cast iron stove
Vintage hand crank wall Telephone – Monarch
Vintage wood coffee grinder
Vintage Wall mount coffee grinder – Arcade
Misc. Vintage Picture frames
radio flyer wagon, decorative tin wall hangings
Vintage kids school desk
2 – Vinatge kids school desk
2 kids chairs and magazine rack
Vintage High chair
Sewing treadle
Wrought iron kids wash basin and mirror
End table
Vintage Penn scale 16 lb capacity
Vintage Gilbert Wood tool chest w/ misc. wood working tools
vintage John Deere corn box
misc vintage wrenches
vintage tubeless tire vulcanizer
vintage John Deere corn box
anvil bench vise
Hay Budden MFG anvil- 22″ w/ 13″ flat surface
wood vise clamps
misc vintage notchers
cast iron horse and wagon set
vintage coffee grinder
metal side shield of initials VB
2- vintage saws
vintage hay knife and saw
vintage wagon jack
vintage steering wheel
vintage high lift jack
vintage JD corn planter lids
2 vintage ice block tongs, hanger, and oil filler
2 vintage JD box end wrenches, planet JR wrenches, and misc wrenches
misc JD wrenches
Planet JR. cultivator wheel (back wheel)
Baker MFG #201 pipe vise
vintage wrenches
3 antique well pullers
pipe vise
Vintage hand crank butter churn
vintage wrenches and JD casting
vintage wrenches, JI Case plow works, Case and other wrenches
vintage JD box end wrenches
vintage JD corn planter lids
Hay Budden MFG anvil- 24 1/2″ w/ 14″ flat surface w/ Blowhorn stake anvil
vintage wrenches
vintage wrenches
vintage open end wrenches
4- vintage JD lug wrenches
JD wrench red #22611
vintage wrenches and hand soap tin
vintage hand crank stone sharpener
vintage hand crank sickle sharpener
vintage oil cans and wrenches
vintage adjustable and open end wrenches w/ hand crank seeder
bench vise (3 1/2″)
5- forge tools
cast iron JD welcome sign
metal pheasant welcome sign
cast iron wall hangers (horses and chickens)
vintage tools w/ Foley saw set
table mount leather vises
rebar speed wrench, wood plane, hole cutter
vintage New Standard cast iron cherry pitter and Enterprise #36 raisin seeder
Antique Duplex Record Cast Iron Grinder Grater w/ apple peeler
Stanley planer, measuring device, and vintage hand crank peeler
vintage hand crank sharpener
antique hand crank coffee grinder
vintage cast and metal JD wrench boxes
wood nail box w/nails
canvas water bags
hand held leather vise and wood adjustable stand
cast alphabet hanger w/ coping saw
vintage wrench set with wood box, vintage socket set and open end wrenches (Syracuse wrenches)
Gentlemen’s excelsior tool chest #20 w/ misc tools
John Deere side panel for machinery
Misc. Franklin Mint John Deere Collector Knives
Vintage wood chair with cushion
Wood Framed dog picture
wood stand with drawer
4 shelf wood stand
wood magazine rack
Cement girl on a bench yard decoration
Kids chair, table, toy box, booster chair
Vintage First Lady electric hair dryer
Vintage square trunk
Leather loveseat with 2 recliners and center council
Glider rocker chair- wood
2 wood padded chairs
vintage wood step stool
2 kids wooden chairs
3 decorative evergreen trees on stands
Blonde wooden stool
Radio Flyer wagon – Nice
vintage wood windows
Dietz #8 Oil Lantern – Nice
Porcelain pans and 2 serving trays
wood bird house, metal toolbox, metal plant stand, and a tin
metal water can, chicken feeder, sad iron
wicker plant basket, metal booster chair
Pyrex 5 gallon glass jar with a rubber cork
2 Harley Davidson car floor mats and a boot scraper
Vintage popcorn popper, western super-x ammo box
Vintage framed picture of a lady
4 blue ball jars, pitcher with 4 glasses
Honeywell cool mist humidifier- new in box
Coca-Cola glassware and serving tray
Glass milk bottles
Misc advertiser shot glasses
misc glass pop bottles
Harley Davison advertisers
Vintage Olympic AM radio and phonograph- works
Several Vintage record albums
2 vintage lightning rods
misc picture frames and wood basket
Vintage jars full of marbles, books, porcelain dolls
metal scale, dishes and flour sifter
vintage toaster and a popcorn popper
vintage hooks, connectors- metal
etched shot glasses- 8 total
Wood fall decoration and Christmas Tree
vintage glass medicine bottles
misc wall decor
Childrens VHS Tapes
swivel caster wheels
2 – metal Schwans tins
vintage metal advertiser cans
vintage metal advertiser cans
misc vintage oil cans
several vintage tobacco tins
vintage nabisco cracker tin and Aunt Sue’s dry cleaner tin
misc latches, connectors and drawer knobs
Glass Pepsi Bottles and other misc bottles
misc electrical supplies
vintage wooden Coca-Cola box with Vintage Cigar Boxes
vintage cigar boxes and 3 wood cheese boxes
Vintage cardboard insecticide bucket
Klein tools thermos and an water jug
Vintage barn door hinges
Vintage Hilbra Fire Extinguisher
vintage morrell pure lard metal can
vintage serving trays, scoops, jars, and vintage grabber
5 copper mugs and water bottles
Dutch dolls, wooden shoes, serving tray and misc
Music box, costume jewelry, purses jewelry box
picture frame, metal horse, stirrups

4 birds books 3 are South Dakota Bird Books
4 Antique Tractor Books
Antique John Deere Machinery Manuals and Fedora Oil Advertiser
JD Corn Binder Manual, Delavel book and a 1932 black hills magazine
Antique John Deere Machinery manuals
Antique John Deere Machinery manuals
John Deere No 9 Steel Cylinder Sheller manual, a JD Model LA and D Tractor manuals
International M & MU, McCormick Cultivator ,VA case Tractor, #4 Binder, Picker and a planter manuals
JD Manuals for a model B, Model A a 3010 and a Photographic history book

Cast Iron Seat
Stodjard MFG company cast iron seat
Fuller and Johnson MFG cast iron seat
Sattlet cast iron seat
Deere cast iron seat
South Bend Chilled Plow Co cast iron seat
Hoosier cast iron seat
Champion cast iron seat
cast iron JD seat /-1847
Buckeye cast iron seat
Deering cast iron seat
cast iron seat

Farm Supplies
84″ Skid Steer mount Brush bucket w/ grapple – no ends on hyd. hose.
200 gal. poly tank w/ Honda GX120 pump motor w/ hose reel and wand on 2 wheel trailer
Bobcat Post auger on skid steer attachment w/ high pressure ends 12″ auger
Titan Bucket mount pallet forks 4′ – NEW
Yard Packer 36″ pull type – plastic
Farmhand Snow scoop 9′ w/ skid steer mounts
Huskee 5.5 HP Garden Tiller – -Needs work
Vintage JD Single row corn planter – looks pretty complete
1″x100′ and 1″x300″ New Black Plastic pipe 100 PSI
Pull type 12 volt sprayer w/ sheild for trees and 25 gal spray tank – Both need pumps
Gallagher Scale System w/ 2 Load bars and digital scale – 7700 lbs total capacity
Dynamark 5 HP 22″ cut push mower – needs work
4″ square tube post pounder
pull type yard thatcher- 30″ wide
Reese Gooseneck ball hitch plate
Poly tarp – approx. 35’x60′
New disc openers for Kinze 12 row corn planter
Rubber mat and poly calf hut doors
3 pt tree belt hooded sprayer setup
Ford ??8N Tractor – rear rims rusted, did run when parked but quite awhile ago, 3 pt, 540 PTO
3 bales of clover brand big round 16,000 sisal twine

Home medical devices – blood pressure monitor, back and foot massager
Box of mugs, cups, hole puncher, radio, telephones, alarm clocks
Holiday gift wrap supplies, bow, scrap book items
Technology accessories – Linksys cable modem router, Phones, cables, chargers
Misc. Household items
Stove top popper and waffle iron
misc pumpkins and fall decor
Garden Trellis/Gazebo
Lawn Ornaments
2 – Ozark Trial Bag Lawn chairs
2 end tables and lamp
Sofa Table
Reading lamp, folding chair, TV tray, Rolling chair
Misc. cleaning supplies and Hamper
Plastic Shower chair, 2 shoe horns
Folding walker and 4 post cane and misc. canes
Dresser w/ mirror
Moto Sleep adjustable bed w/ Sealy Posturepedic mattress Full
Glider rocker w/ Ottoman
Wicker dresser w/ lamp
Swivel chair with foot rest
Drop leaf coffee table
Electric lift chair – works
2 – Rubbermaid water coolers
Shoe rack
Blue Lazy Boy rocker recliner
Inflatable snow fort hide out
Leather Rocker Recliner
Vintage 4 drawer dresser
Electric lift chair – works
Green sofa w/ throw pillows and fake cat
4 rolling kitchen chairs
Vintage 3 drawer wood dresser
Floral wreath display
Blue Lazy Boy rocker recliner
Wood stool and American flag 2 1/2’x4′ kit
3 – swivel stools
Golden Lite Rider Electric scooter w/ chargers – works
Wood frame pendulum clock
plastic can crusher

Matthews Switchback F7 Compound bow

License Plates
1939 SD license plate with light bracket
1916 SD license plate- front and back (2 plates)
2- 1917 SD License plates
2 – 1918 SD License plates
2 – 1919 SD License plates
Carlson’s hybrid metal and license plate frame
Mt. Rushmore metal license plate sign and a student driver license plate
2 -1920 and 2 – 1921 SD License plates
2- 1923 and 2-1922 SD license plates
2- 1924 and 2- 1925 SD license plates
2 – 1926 and 2- 1927 SD license plates
2 – 1928 and 2- 1929 SD License plates
3 – SD early year license plates
2 – 1930 and 2 – 1931 SD License Plates
2 -1932 and 2 – 1933 SD license plates
2 – 1934 and 2 -1935 SD License plates
2 – 1936 and 2 – 1937 SD License plates
2 – 1938 and 2 -1939 SD license plates
2- 1940, 2 – 1941 and 2 -1942 SD License Plates
1945, 1946 and a 1947 SD license plates
1 – 1948 and 2 -1949 SD License plates
2 -1950 and 2-1951 SD License plates
1 -1952 and 1 – 1953 SD license plates
2 -1954 and 2- 1955 SD license plates
2 -1956 and 2 -1957 SD License plates
1 -1958 and 2- 1959 SD license plates
2-1960, 2-1961 and 2- 1962 SD license plates
1 -1963, 2-1964 and 2-1965 SD license plates
2-1966, 2-1967, 2-1968 and 2-1968 SD license plates
2-1970, 2-1971and 2-1972 SD license plates
2-1973, 2-1974 and 2-1975 SD license plates
1- 1976, 1-1977, 1-1978 and 1-1979 SD License plates
80’s and 90’s SD license plates

Shop Supplies
potato fork and 2 shingle spades
ST 175/80D13 with 5 bolt rim – NEW
25′ New drinking water hose
Modular Bombardier Revolution XL Helmet
Oster Clippers with extra blades and tool box
AGC Super 2 speed clippers
Premier 1 clipper and sheer set with case -NEW
clipper blade sharpening stone with blade grit
Cambell hausfeld air brad nailer
metal case with misc bolts
Shurco Flo 4008 fresh water pump
DeWalt air framing nailer
Snap-On 1/2″ air wrench
spade and a hand post digger
Rake, Hoe and a lopper
Marine dual digital media receiver with 6.5″ speakers and housing unit – 200 watt
Lowrence X4 Pro, Garmin striker 4 marine guidance systems with transit saver and straps
Lowrance Hook reveal fish finder GPS with 7″ screen – NEW
Stihl FX 46C Weed Trimmer
Schumacher 50AMP Battery Charger
B & D Electric Blower
Chicago Electric Variable speed band saw kit – new with case
Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU natural gas vent free furnace- NEW
Comfort Zone 6,000 watt ceiling mount digital heater, 240 volt
Retractable air hose
Overdrive camper cover for travel trailers
3 replacement wheels
Misc. new tools – knee pads, saws, levels, Power grip
Lincoln AC 225 stick welder with leads and extensions, comes with gloves and extra rods
Metal Car Ramps
Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp
Misc. new tools – saws, vise grips, Pliers, screw drivers
Sears Craftsman 3/4 horse Bench grinder
misc. combination wrenches
Misc. 1/2 and 3/8 drives ratches, sockets and spinners
4 combination wrenches and a level
Dayton 115 volt wench
Precision pet carrier
2 – 10″ hard rubber wheels
SBI Black pipe kit 6″ NEW with vent cover
Misc bolts and an Adjustable shaft
Misc Combination wrenches
GPI 12v 18gal/min fuel transfer pump- New in box
Electric fence insulators and accessories
Century 250 amp battery charger
3 – 6′ ground rods
Electric fence posts, approx 30
DeWalt 18 vlt Worksite charger/radio
Garmin, Steering wheel cover, jumper cables, wind shield cover, bench seat cover
Reddy Heater – 45000 BTU LP gas
Earthquake gas auger w/ bit
Doral 235-55R17 Tire – NEW
air hose reel
Electrical Tools and testers
2 snow shovels
tires chains
3rd row seats out of a 2005 Chevy Tahoe
Lawn spreader pull-type
Metal basket, water can and decorative yard chair
scoop shovel. post auger, small sand shovel
Metal Car Ramps
pull type yard thatcher- 30″ wide

ERTL JD Model A with Man – 1/16 scale, Die cast
JD 1923 Chevy Van Bank ERTL 1/25 scale Die Cast
Precision Classics Model A JD tractor 1/16 scale Die Cast
Gearbox 1937 JD Gas pump coin bank – replica, #3 in a Series
ERTL JD 7610 Tractor 1/16 scale, Die cast
JD Collectibles Tire clock, gas pump, picture frame, bottle opener, visor clip
Vintage Speedway Auto Racer track game
Precision Classics JD 4440 tractor 1/16 scale, die cast
Replica metal Circus Toys – Ferris Wheel, Elephant ball game wind up toys
Franklin Mint JD Model B tractor – Tin
Precision Classics JD 4020 tractor w/ 237 corn picker – 1/16 scale Die Cast
ERTL Model G tractor Precision Key Series w/ key 1/16 scale, die cast
ERTL Antique Corn Sheller 1/8 scale die cast
ERTL JD Dealership Pickup Dodge 1/18 scale die cast
Vintage Slide viewers and slides
ERTL Precision Key Series JD 4430 w/ Key #1 1/16 scale die cast
Precision Classics Model 720 Diesel Tractor 1/16 scale die cast
JD Stocking Holder Tractor JD Model A
Spec Cast Freightliner C120 Truck w/ Trailer coin bank, Die Cast
ERTL Antique Pump Jack 1/7 scale Die cast
Welly 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS 1/18 scale, die cast & plastic toy car
Tokheim 1950 Coin Bank Gas Pump Phillips 66
Precision Classics 214T twine tie baler 1/16 scale, die cast
ERTL JD Model G tractor 1/16 scale Die cast
Precision Classics The Barge Wagon 1/16 scale, die cast
Precision Classics Model 4020 tractor 1/16 scale Die cast
Precision Classics Model B tractor 1/16 scale Die Cast
JD Metal Mechanical Bank – Die Cast Franklin Mint
Precision Classics The Waterloo Boy Tractor 1/16 scale Die Cast
Wood barn with fencing
First Gear Ideal IH 4400 Utility Truck – new in box
First Gear Ideal IH Dura-star Straight Truck – new in box
Ertl 2004 Ford Ideal Collectibles toys
Ideal Collector series truck- 1954 GMC semi and trailer
Ideal Cadillac Escalade and Orange County Choppers Collector set
Ideal 2001 limited edition toy truck and trailer with sound
2 IH toys tractors and a JD toy wagon
JD tractor and JD hay wagon with wooden toy pigs
Misc plastic kids toys
Fisher Price plastic kids toys
Fisher Price plastic kids toys, barn and tractor
Misc plastic kids toys
Misc plastic toy animals
3 boxes of misc plastic kids toys
Pepsi toy trucks, shot glass and Rock Island train
misc metal farm toys
misc hot wheel cars and garage
misc childrens books and some childrens blocks
Rubber Auburn police motorcycle toy and vintage glass battery filler jar
play stool, alphabet wood blocks and trailer
misc domino’s and games

Vehicles & Trailers
PJ 20′ trailer w/ dove tail and ramps, 7′ wide w/ wood side panels
2005 KIA Sorento LX SUV 134,573 miles 4×4, automatic, V6 3500 engine, Remote start
1979 Monte Carlo Landeau 2 door, 305 original motor, 141,747 miles

Vintage Farm Equipment
Vintage JD Corn Sheller #4216-C – NICE
JD #1 B corn sheller

Auction Location

23510 422nd Ave., Fedora, SD 57337
23510 422nd Ave.
Fedora, SD 57337 United States
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