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Dick Peterson Retirement Farm Equipment & Antiques Online Auction

Monday, November 28, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

Lots of very nice Antiques & Collectibles, Vintage Farm Equipment, Farm Equipment, Trucks, Pickup, JD FWA 4450 Tractor w/ fresh Over haul.
All items located 23510 422nd Ave., Fedora, SD 57337

Online Auction Starts Nov. 18, 2022 @ 8:00 AM and closes on Nov. 28, 2022 starting at 6 PM
​​​​​​​Pickup Days: Nov. 29 & 30 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM each day.
For Information or Viewing contact Robert @ 605-530-7519
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2006 Dodge Dakota 4 WD pickup
1997 International Navistar Model 4700 – has electrical problem, does not run
1983 Chevrolet 70 Truck w/ 20’ good steel box – Does Not Run
2007 Honda Rancher AT 4-Wheeler, ESP
Carry On Utility trailer w/ ramp – 5’x10′
Honda Foreman ESP – Parts

Farm Equipment
1985 JD 4450 FWA Tractor, Quad Range, new rear tires,
Fresh Overhaul just completed. Shows 663 hrs on tach.
New seat cushions., Mirrors, 540/1000 PTO, 3 hyd.
Rear weights, Long Axles
14.9R28 from tires (50%) and 18.2R42 rear (Like New)
In-frame Overhaul just completed by Rural Ag Repair of Fedora, SD  Brady Jacobsen 605-480-5750
– Head was redone, new water pump, new cab kit

Feteral Rotary Screen, Model 100- hydraulic drive
E-Z Trail 1074 – Model 300 gravity wagon w/ running gear – tires good
JD 2 Row wide corn/silage head; 3pt tandem disc – 8′
BMJ MFG gravity wagon, tires ok, w/ hydraulic drill fill
MDS MFG Porta seeder 540PTO
Glenco 24′ soil finisher w/ mulcher; 2 – Portable loading Chute
Bale Wagon – 34′ – needs tires w RR track rails
2 Wheel Frame w/ Pintle hitch – tires ok
Campbell MFG Spray Trailer w. tank – parts

Livestock Equipment
Sullivan Aluminum Fitting chute 7′ Long x 34″wide x 6′ tall w/ floor – Nice!
Sullivan Stahl side rails; 3′ wide stahl mat; Connector Brackets
Tarter 5 – 12′ Panels w/ 4′ walk gate; Farrowing Crates (5)
Hog Panels 7′ (14); 3/4″ x 25′ sucker rod – joined, 19 full – 1 partial, 4 joined
7 – 3’x6′ poly panels; 10 – 3’x6′ poly panels, plus extra panels
4 – 4″x6″ post, 2- 16′ -good, 2 – fair; 7 – 4″x7′ pointed post, 2 – 6″x7′ point, 1 – 7′ post

Livestock Feeding Equipment
Behlen Country Sheep Feed Bunk – 2′ x 10′
2 – 3′ x 4′ – 6 side sheep/goat hay feeders
2 – SDI Industries sheep/goat feeders with legs, 2’x6′ w/ flow controls
Blue 4 place automatic waterer
2 – Bulk Bin Bushnell – has dents but appears solid
4 – 3′ x 6′ 5 panel poly bale feeders – need connector pins
3 – Round Bale Feeder; Hay Feeder

Vintage Equipment
Vintage JD belt drive corn sheller – works; JD Vintage running gear w/ steel wheels – 11′ spread
JD Vintage running gear w/ steel wheels – 8′ spread
JD 12′ Dump Rake w/ steel wheels; Vintage 2 Row cultivator – horse drawn – parts
Vintage grain sifters; JD Vintage running gear w/ steel wheels & tongue – 10′ spread
Vintage Horse drawn single bottoms plow; Vintage IH hand crank corn sheller
John Deere horse drawn single bottom plow -Nice!; John Deere wagon tongue 9′ 3″
JD Running gear with rubber tires – 12′ spread, tires fair; Vintage 12′ dump rake
Vintage running gear w/ steel wheels; Vintage 3 bottom plow – needs tires

Used Tires
Tire (3) 8.75-16.5LT – good, (3) 235/80R16 fair
(4) Michelin 275/65R20, 2 fair 2 good
BFGoodrich tires (4) LT365/70R17, 1-11L-16 Firestone
Misc Tire- LT245/75R16, (2) 235/80R16

Misc. Equipment
2 – Monitor well pump jack- parts
Sears/Roebuck Electric cement mixer w/motor – Model 713.75050
Pallet of misc parts – pick axe head, sledge hammer heads
4 misc sinks; Old Boat Trailer running gear
US Motor – 5hp, 1735rpm, 230/460volt, model J132
2 bee boxes and racking; Ranch King push mower – needs work
3″x30′ Recovery strap; Pickup Stock Rack – 5’x8′
Wood Barge box wagon w/ running gear – box needs work

Antiques & Collectibles
Vintage 26in Steel wheels – 2; 2 Vintage 12in. Metal Wheels
3 Vintage 10in. Metal Wheels; Vintage Vulcan Anvil #8 with Tool attachment
Vintage Screw Jack; Vintage Cobblers Shoe Lathe with 6 attachments
Vintage John Deere Corn Planter Box; Vintage Wood Box
Vintage Anvil with tool attachment – 14in. long x 3.5in wide – 8.5in flat surface
Walker Blue Boy #125 Jack was welded; 3 Vintage Ashlando #2s jacks
2 Vintage Ashlando Jacks; Vintage Handle and tire iron; 3 Saws
3 Vintage 2man tree saws; 2 Vintage Hand Saws; Vintage Baler Twine Canister
3 Metal Shelf Bracket Cast; 3 Metal Scoop Shovels; 2 Vintage Pipe Vises
Vintage Cast Shelf Bracket – Cast 15in.; Vintage Scale #2 – missing weight
Burk Drgm Table Mount Leather Cutter; 2 McCormick Cast Covers
2 Vintage Cast-iron Screw Jacks – 8.5in and 11in closed height
Vintage Cast Screw Jack – 1 3/4 x 10; Vintage Cast Screw Jack – 2in x 10
Antique “The Luther Line” Hand Crank Stone Grinder
Vintage Cast Scale 7lb with weights; 6 Vintage Hand Crank Drills
Vintage Wissota 4in. hand crank stone grinder
Vintage Luther #8 Stone Grinder; 4 Vintage Oil Cans; 5 Vintage Riveters
Vintage JD Corn Planter Box Parts; Nye Four Point Knock out Punches
2 Vintage Covers – Minnesota M117 Cast Cover, IH #9 Regular Gear Cover
2 Vintage Cast Stove Parts; 2 Vintage Cast Parts; 2 Vintage Cast Hangers – Dain R3
Vintage Cover Detroit Handle; Vintage Case Corn Planter Box
Vintage Cast Barth MFG #5 ton Jack; Vintage Calf Weaners
Vintage Cast Screw Jack – 16in.; 2 Vintage Small Screw Jacks – 9.5in.
Vintage National Standard #33 Truck Jack – screw Jack
Vintage Misc Crank Handles; Vintage Log Grabbers
Vintage Fordson Tool Box – 4.5 x 11 x 5; Vintage Misc Screw Jacks
Vintage Wood Mallets; Vintage Fence Stretcher; 2 Vintage 40in. Vise Clamp
Vintage 40in Vise Clamp; Vintage Fire King Coffee Cups and Misc Glassware
Vintage Misc Adjustable Wrenches; Vintage JD Cast Cover Lid and Wood Box
Vintage Misc Hand Tools; Vintage Galvanized Can
Vintage 5 gal. Standard Oil Co. Metal Can
2 Vintage Pig Catchers, Emasculators, Ear Notches, Nose Ring Pliers
Vintage Lug Wrenches for Wooden Buggy Wheels
Vintage Pump Jack w/ handle; Metal Vintage Single Tree evener
3 Vintage Eveners; 2 Vintage Eveners; 3 Vintage Wood Eveners no hardware
3 Vintage Horse Hames; 2 – 12 Volt Electric Horns
Vintage Sterilizer and Vintage Wood Box; 4 Vintage #8 wool comb and 2 shears
Vintage Pick Axe; Misc Wood Hammer Handles
Vintage Slide Top Box with Vintage JD Wrenches
Antique Metal IH Tool Box; Vintage Metal Tool Box with many vintage wrenches and parts
Metal Tool Box with alot of antique wrenches; Vintage Wagon Jack
2 Vintage Wood Handles; Vintage Cattle Dehorn
Vintage Misc Hoof Trimmers and Forge Tools; Vintage Cattle Dehorner
Vintage Pipe Wrenches and 2 Sledge hammer heads; Vintage Parts
Tool Box with Vintage Tools; Vintage Corn Cob Dryers
Tool Box with Vintage Tools; Vintage Keuffel and Esser Survey measuring chain – 66ft
Tool Box with Vintage Tools; Can with Vintage Tools; Vintage Box with Antique Tools
Box with Vintage Tools; Vintage Tools; Torch, levels, and measuring Sticks
3 Wood Planes – Shelton #9 and Wardsmaster, Trustworthy
3 Vintage Pick Axe Heads; Vintage JD Cornplanter box Head and Base
Box with Vintage Tools; Tool Box with Vintage Tools
Dodge brother Hub Cap Spindle Covers, Radiator Cap (missing top)
Misc Vintage Wrenches; Misc Vintage Wrenches with JD Wrenches
Vintage Misc Pipe Wrenches; Minnesota Seed Gunny Sacks
MIsc Vintage Wrenches; 2 Vintage Hatchets; Vintage Green River Tap and Die Set
Box of Vintage Tools – Tire Tool, Squares, Screw Drivers
8 Vintage Brace -n – Bit speed drills; Vintage Miter Box an Saws
Vintage Rope Pulley; Vintage Combination Wrenches
Vintage Cast Waterer with Daisey Heater; Box of Misc Vintage Wrenches
Vintage Wall Bracket and tire repair tool and misc
Vintage Pulley Wood – 8 3/4 x 5.5; Vintage Buggy Foot Warmer and Vintage Buggy Step
Vintage Oil Bungs, Funnels, 1 gal Pennzoil Can, and vintage torch
Vintage Rug Beaters and Metal Dust Pan; Vintage Cast Wire Roller
Vintage Parts – lights, sprayers, Ford Wrench and Buggy Wrench 1702
Vintage Bench Top Leather Vises; Box of Hand Drill Bits
Vintage Tools – Hay Sling, Wrench; Crimpers #2 and #51
2 – Vintage Pipe Wrenches and Cast-iron Spigot Funnel
Vintage Side Shield with IH, Deering, New Ideal Stamped on Side
IH Tool Box (no bottom), Wood plane draw knives
Box of Vintage Adjustable Wrenches; Columbian Screw Top Lube Oil Can
Box of Vintage JD Wrenches; Vintage Hoe and Planter
Vintage Combination Wrenches; Vintage Hay and Meat Hooks
Vintage Whitesel Manufacturing Fence Stretcher; Vintage Rug Stretcher
Vintage Homemade scoop and Pan; Vintage Nail Pullers and Wire Stretcher
JD Tool Box with vintage fencing tools; Vintage Solder Irons
Vintage Goetz Company Wood Bottle Box; Wood Block and Tackle Pulley’s
Antique Pig Snouter; Structo Toy Car Hauler Truck; Structo Toy Dump Truck Metal
Vintage running Gear 8′ spread w/ tongue – steel wheels
Vintage Roller Skates; Tonka Wheel Loader – Metal; Misc Vintage Saws
Tonka Pickup Horse Hauler and Trailer – Metal
Antique Tract Loader and Baton – metal; Windmill Fan Blades – Bent – 8′ Diameter
Erector Set Box with some parts; 2 JD Planter Box Covers
Miniature Anvil Vise, Plane, and Hatchet Heads
Wood Splitting Wedge and Wood Chisels; Rail Spike Hammers and Coal Hammer
10 Square and 4 Round bucket teeth; Sledge Hammer and Scythe Parts
Wood Box with Vintage Hand Auger Bits, Draw Knife, Bench Top Leather Vise
Bucket of Vintage Sheers, Dandelion Spade, 3pt pitch fork head
Advance Rail Car Mover, Hammer, Scythe; 2 Vintage Scythe
Box with Fence Insulators and Misc; Vintage Jack; Vintage “The Buckeye Jack”
Vintage Auto Screw Jack; Vintage Step 3 sickle cutter; Vintage Binders
3 Vintage Hay Knives; Vintage IH Planter Box; Vintage Tool Display
Vintage Tool Display Board; Vintage Pipe Wrenches; Vintage Pipe Wrenches
Vintage Socket Set; 2 vintage metal seats; MIsc. vintage toys
Vintage license plates 1917 – 1940’s misc. plates
Vintage cast iron seats; 4 Vintage wood levels – assorted lengths
Vintage cast iron seats; Misc. Ball glass jars; Vintage Cast Iron seat with 27 stamped on it
Vintage US Military trunk; Vintage Pipe wrench display; Vintage buggy jack
2 Vintage Laundry clothes plungers; Vintage wrench display
Vintage string holder, Misc. small toys, tie rack glassware
Vintage Cast irons seat “Jenkins”; Vintage IH Thrust bearing, blue insulators and misc.
Vintage tool display; Vintage Razor assortment – blades, cream cup, razor strap
7 misc. Ball jars w/ wood crate; Vintage ice skates
Vintage porcelain pan and strainers, Nash’s coffee can
Wood clothes drying rack; Vintage speaker
Vintage hand crank juicer/strainer; Vintage bottle cappers
Vintage RCA Victor AM radio – Standard broadcast; Copper Kerosene lamp
Vintage hair styling instruments; Vintage Lovell MFG. Co wringer #750
Vintage 2 gal. oil can; Montgomery Co. Russet Harness Oil can
5 DeSmet Farm Mutual Calendar/Statemaps; Vintage tool display
2 Vintage pitman sticks; Vintage advertisers, sifter, match holder, ash tray, scale, Cutter
Vintage Jone Warmer; 2 Vintage Paper roller display rack with tear bar
Vintage cast iron seat #107; Vintage cast iron seat #56
2 Vintage hand crank grinding wheel 1 large, 1 small; Vintage Cabbage cutter
Wood box with misc. jars; Vintage Policy Journal book 1916-1919
Peg board hooks; 3 Misc. metal signs wood shelf display
Vintage weights, magnifying glass, bench top iron board
Vintage metal canister w/ copper top lid; Vintage nut grinder, scale, kitchen utensils
Vintage kitchen items, scale, lantern, light, nut cracker
Vintage steam iron and sad iron; Misc. toy parts
Universal Vacuum bottle #83 One quart Nickel plated; Vintage Universal Dough maker
Vintage Sad iron, peg hooks, Advertisers, ruler, note holder
3 wood levels – assorted sizes; Vintage water can and gas can
Misc. Vintage license plates 40’s, 50′ to 90’s misc. years
Vintage Borden’s Malted Milk tin 10 lbs.; Goose cookie jar
Vintage tape dispenser, block n tackle, C clamp, Churn lid
Vintage hog slappers; 2 Vintage planters
Box of misc. items, oil can, light, level, Jone’ Warmer fluid
Porcelain bucket and pan; Vintage Bread warmer and grate
Fairbanks platform and bin scale w/ weights 250#
Vintage ash scoop and scraper; Vintage JD Cast Iron seat #1847
Vintage JD Cast Iron seat #1847; 2 – Vintage 2 1/2 gal cans in wood crate
2 – Vintage 2 1/2 gal cans in wood crate; Electric iron and Pheasant wall hanging
4 Meat grinders w/ wood box; Vintage corn planter lid, tail light, brackets
Misc. kitchen untenils; Misc. rolling pins in wood crate – round smooth and lefsa
Porcelain pans and coffee pot; Vintage small iron board
Vintage Porcelain bucket, toaster, ladels, alarm clock
Thermos container, strainer, pan, coal shovel, pokers, ladel
Yard stick and coat rack hanger; 5 – Vintage wood planes
Vintage Metal stove top warmer; Vintage lunch pail, tins, Oil can (CB Q RR Co.)
Porcelain pitcher Coffee pot; Porcelain bucket, metal skillet, strainer basket
Misc. IH McCormick manuals; Vintage cast iron seat
Porcelain water can, shoe stretcher, half of a bowling pin wall hanger
Porcelain bowls, juicer, ladel, tin; 3 Vintage RR lanterns
Yard Rock – 4.5 wide w/ flat surface; Rigo electric fan, Vintage electric heater
Vintage steam iron, wood mallet, bottles, jar opener, metal iron racks, air pump
Vintage hand crank spreader no bag; Misc. advertiser tins
Vintage Cast Iron Horse and Carriage “Fresh Milk”
Misc. Advertisers, air gauge, bottle openers; Vintage wrench display
Vintage ice cream makes, Old Dutch potato chip can; MIsc. Toys and tins
Vintage match book holder; Vintage Horse Drawn Planter – parts
4 ZIP feed mud flaps; 3 Porcelain pans and kettle; Misc. glassware
Porcelain pot w/ lid and pan; Vintage Standard Oil 5 gal can
Misc. glassware and cups; Misc. toy tractor parts and pieces
Vintage wood cheese box; Toy cash register; Polaroid 320 w/ flash w/ case
Misc. glass jars, blue ball jars, scales, postal scale w/ wood box
2 buckets (Dairy Supplies on one bucket)
Coal bucket shovel; Box of misc. livestock weaners
Vintage popcorn popper and cooker; Vintage Monarch warmer for stove top
3 oil cans; Vintage wall lantern holders; Vintage stove top warmer
Scoop shovel, tile spade, Winchester rake, slotted shovel
Topp cigarrete papers, Mantle silks, cast iron piece ( do not know what it is)
Vintage Deering Cast iron seat; Spring loaded pull down board
Vintage Worthmore Ice Cream carrier, Worthington, MN
Vintage S M & Co. Cast iron seat, Doylestown; Vintage mop handles w/ wringers
Misc. frames, barb wire display, duck picture; Peg board display, candelabra, wood box
Kieffer Oil water pitchers, veggie/fruit trays; Porcelain canner pot, Electric knife sharpner
Metal pig and chicken cut outs w/ weldable legs for boot scrapers, caster wheels
Misc. lawn mower, dolly wheels, shed door stay roller
40+ cans of Vintage Fire Stop, fire extinguisher refill
Misc. nails, hammer, oil can, antique door handles
Socket set 1/2 drive, metal socket box, metal tin, lantern; Poly baskets
5 gal. military gas can; Black metal keepsake trunk; Wicker laundry hamper
2 kids school desk’s w/ desk wrench; Hand post auger
Belt drive pump jack handles – Stover’s; Vintage Platform Scale with weights
Squirrel cage fan w/ motor; 5 wood chairs; 3 wall shelf brackets cast
Pick Axe, Sledge hammer; Slotted spade, 2 sand shovels, Pitch fork
2 Wood frame dolly carts; 2 boxes of misc. books,1931 USD Annual
2’x8′ Display Case; Vintage Baker Stove Wks, Belleville, IL,; 4 shelf book case
9 map wall display of different countries; Vintage New Improved treadle sewing machine

Contact Justin Dean 605-999-4239, Steve Larson 605-770-9818, Austin Messmer 605-353-5001, Kelbi Dean-Messmer 605-999-8812, Derrick Schnabel 605-661-0005, Myron Grosz 605-999-4087, Lanning Edwards 605-999-1250, for information on this auction.

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