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500+ Lots of Shop Equipment, Small Shop & Hand Tools, Sockets, Battery Chargers, Welding & Cutting Equipment, Racking, Cabinets, Carts, Organizers, Jack & Shop Stands, Ladders, Misc. Shop Equipment, Misc. Tractor & Equipment Parts, New & Used Metal from the Andy & Doris Spaans Estates

Saturday, February 27, 2021 @ 11:00 am

Online Bidding will start Friday, Feb. 19 @ 8:00AM CST and will soft close on Saturday, Feb. 27 @ 11:00AM CST
Andy & Doris Spaans Estates Online Auction Information Located: 2510 S Mentzer St. Mitchell, SD
Lots of very nice well maintained tools. These items are in great condition. Andy & Doris were very meticulous care takers. Name brand tools such as Craftsman, Snap-On, Milwaukee, DeWalt, & John Deere. We will close 3 items every 1 minute. 8% buyers premium with a $750.00 cap and SD sales tax. No Hidden Reserves. A 3% Convenience Fee applies to all CC purchases. All items are for pickup only, no shipping. Please make sure to read the Terms & Conditions and Information Lots.

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Shop Equipment
Aaladir Cleaning System Hot/Cold Pressure Washer – Dsl, 3000 PSI on cart
Honda 2600 PSI 2.3GPM Pressure Washer on rolling cart
Delta Bench Grinder w/ light; Craftsman 12″ Bench Drill w/ laser
5 1/2″ Jaw Bench vise; Makita 10 inch miter saw w/ stand
Large Anvil – Japan w/stand – Heavy Duty; Portable Light stand 2 – 500W lights
Black bull 16 speed metal drill w/laser centering device
Jet 8 inch Bench Grinder on Stand; DeWalt 14″ chopsaw with stand
Jet 10 inch table saw; Craftsman Router Table with Router and extra bits in box
Craftsman Laser Track 12 inch sliding compound miter saw on stand
Ingersoll Rand Portable Air Compressor with Honda GX160 5.5HP motor
Engine Stand; Craftsman Portable Dust Collector – 3/4HP- 500CFM
Skat Blast Dry Blast System with Vacuum System and Some Supplies
Craftsman 7 1/4″ miter saw -w/ laser trac; Texas Blaster; Super flow Portable 12V air compressor
6 gallon ShopVac Pro; Portable Hydraulic Port-a-Power – Central Hydraulics 10T
Well-Bilt 20 gallon parts washer; Rockwell Shop Series Sonic tool
Central Pnuematic air straight line sander

Small Shop & Hand Tools
Vice Grips, Pliers, Crescent Wrenches; Bolt Cutter; Large Wrenches
Set of Wrenches; Open and Box End Wrenches – cut for tubing use
4 Crescent Wrenches; 2 Hammers and Ball Joint Removal Tool
Rubber Hammers and Crescent Wrenches; Roll Pin Punches
International Pressurizer Oil Can; Misc Tapes and wire brush
Crescent Wrenches, Pliers, Vice Grips; Vice Grips & Pliers
Tape Measure, Small Crescent Wrench; Drill bits, files, pliers
Crescent Wrench’s, Files, Vice Grips, Tap Measure
2 – Front Grill Special Tools for Straightening Hoods – 2 cylinder tractors
Chisels, Punches, Hammers, DeWalt 110 Side Grinder
Small Electrical Testers; Propane torch with 2 full bottles
Craftsman Wrench Set; Protractor, Dial Calipers, and Plastic Calipers
Vice Grips, Hammers, Punches, Chisels, Body Tools
Milwaukee Tool Bit Kit, Hacksaw, hammers, putty knives, punches
Pry Bars, Ingersoll-rand impact tool wrench; Air Couplers, Air Tools, Blow Nozzle
Misc Wrenches, timing lights, pipe flaring tools
Craftsman Hand Wrenches & Gasket Concealer
Pipe Wrenches, Vice Grips, Pliers; Bearing race and seal driver master set
Small Tap and Die Set, Bungee Cords, Timing Light
Sand Paper and Sanding Disc; Hammers, Pliers, Screw Drivers
1/2 inch drive Air Gun; Small 3/8 Disc Buffer; CP Handheld Die Grinder
Craftsman 1/2 Inch Heavy-Duty Composite Impact Wrench
3/8 Air Gun; Air Chisel with attachments; Snap Ring Pliers
Hand Buffer; DeWalt Hand Held Buffer; Snap Ring Pliers
Al Wrenches, blow nozzle, scraper; Screw Drivers, vice grip, hammer
Hand Saw, Claw Hammer, Wood File; Misc Box of Screwdrivers
Hose Cutter and exterior blades; Skill Saw; O rings, mirror, chain breaker
CP 1 inch Drive Air Ratchet; Ring Compressor, cylinder Hone, and misc
Cotter Keys and O Ring assortment; Tin Sheers; Magnets, Hacksaw, misc
Lange Diesel Compression Set; Gear Puller; Vice Grips, Side Cutter, Pliers
DeWalt Side Grinder; Soldering Gun; O Ring Kit and small clips
Cotter pin set, snap ring set, Knot brush; O Ring set; half moon keys; External snap rings
Vice Grips, hammer, Plumbers Wrench; Channel lock pliers, 2 – Bessey 12″ Clamp, Vice Grips
Balkamp rivet set with hammer, 2 bearing pullers; DeWalt 4″ angle grinder with wire brush – corded
JD Metric Wrench Set 7 mm to 32 mm (missing the 23mm wrench)
Craftsman wrench set 1/4″ up to 1″; Pittsburgh 1 1/16″ to 1 1/4″ wrenches
Gear wrench ratchet wrench set 5/16″ to 3/4″; Hammer, level, hand saw, misc
2 hose cutters, pocket knife, pioneer knives and knife sharpener
Level; Drill Doctor for Sharpening Drill Bits
Pullers – snap on straight and OTC Jaw Puller; Large Tap and Die Set
Posi lock gear and bearing puller – 3 arm and 2 arm
DeWalt 1/2 inch reversible electric drill; 3 arm Gear pullers
Impact Screwdriver Set; Makita 5″ sander/grinder – corded
Empty Milwaukee Tool Box; Plastic 2-step stepstool
Welding Clamps, Vice Grips, Pliers, Hammer; Pliers, Wrenches and Bits
Screw Drivers, Side Hips, Claw Hammer, Wrenches
Claw Hammer, Stapler, small wrecking bar; Files, pocket knives; Davison County Pens
Misc Air Tools; Misc Grinding Discs; Milwaukee Cordless Tool Kit; Sledge Hammer
Box of pins, hitch pins, clevis, and misc screws and holders
Gear Wrench Ratchet Wrench Set – 5/16 – 3/4
New & Used Misc Bolts, Screws, Nails; GB Conduit Bender and Wrecking Bar
Gear Wrench Metric Ratchet Wrench Set; Set of TruCraft Wrenches
3/8 – 1 1/4 inch Wrench Set; JD Rear Engine Seal Concealer
Craftsman open-end standard ignition wrench set
Stubby wrench set metric and standard; Nut driver and screw driver bit set
Brake line wrenches and Ratchet action speed wrenches; JD compression Tester
Milwaukee 1/2 inch power wrench with battery and charger
Milwaukee Flash light, 3/8 cordless driver, small temp taker
Craftsman Cordless Saw, cordless jig saw, light, cordless hedge trimmer, 3 chargers and 3 batteries
Misc Cordless Tools; 1/2 inch cordless power wrench; 4 – misc pry bars
Craftsman 20 volt cordless tools; 2 oil Drain pans and grease gun
Tackle box filled electrical parts, connectors and pliers and box of misc wire
Gallon oil Pour Bucket and funnels; 5 gallon oil dispenser pump
Grease Gun, wheel bearing packer, 2 suction guns; Misc Battery Cables with Ends
Box of Battery Cable- some with ends; Misc Battery cables- some with ends
Snap on 18 volt Impact Wrench – Does not work
JD Grease Gun with Charger and 2 Batteries – does not appear to work
Battery Terminal Kit with Crimper and Misc Ends
3 boxes of Misc wire and 12 volt electrical supplies with extra electrical supplies
3 boxes of Misc wire and 12 volt electrical supplies; Misc. Spray Cans of Paint
Misc Cleaners, Penetrating Lubricants; Dewalt Corded Sawzall
Bosch Roto zip tool with angle attachment corded
Milwaukee Heat Gun – 1000 watt 120 volt bucket heater and 2 battery carriers
Makita 14.4 Volt Cordless Driver Drill and Flashlight in a Case
Chrome Vanadium standard wrench set – 1/4″ to 7/8″
Misc tools in plastic tool box with tray; Standard wrench set – 5/8″ to 1-1/16″
Antique Wrenches, pipe wrench, 2 vintage oil cans, and 3/8″ socket set
Misc Antique Wrenches; Square – Irwin hand saw – hack saw
30 lb Pressurized Radiator tester; DeWalt DW290 1/2″ electric impact
Box misc Craftsman tools, tape measure, screw driver, and torpedo level
Box of Craftsman screwdrivers, air chuck, allen wrenches, air nozzle
SAE Allen Wrench Set; Screwdriver bits – flat and Philips; Air Pressure Gauge
14 Piece SAE JD Wrench Set; Jet Metric Wrench Set – 8mm – 24mm
Gear Wrench Ratchet Wrench Set -Metric 8mm – 18mm; Wrenches – 3/8″ – 9/16″
Gear Wrench Ratchet Wrench Set – 5/16″ – 3/4″; Metric Wrench Set
6 Piece Precision Screwdriver set & performance tool bit set with ratchet driver
Tork screwdrivers; 5 Phillip Screw Drivers; 10 Flat Screwdrivers
13 Misc Phillip Screwdrivers; 14 Misc Flat Screwdrivers; Screw Driver Set – Flat and Philips
Hose Clamps and Scrapers; Misc punches and Philip screw driver bits, and angled screw drivers
DeWalt D28110 4 1/2″ angle grinder with parts; Pry Bars, 2lb Ball Peen Hammer
Laser level, 12 volt light tester, misc 12 volt wiring supplies
Pliers, Vise Grips, and Ring Pliers; Pliers, Vise Grips, and Needle Nose Pliers
Vise Grips, Needle Nose Pliers, Spanner Wrench
Needle Nose Long Pliers, Pliers, Vice Grips and Pliers Case
Box of Hammers, Tin Snips, Crescent Wrench and Channel Lock Pliers
2 Channel lock pliers, crescent wrench, claw hammer and ball peen hammer
2 Claw Hammers, Ball Peen Hammer, and 2lb sledge hammer
Claw Hammer, Ball Peen Hammer, and Rubber Mallet
Laser Level, ash tray, battery carrier, and misc supplies
JD 3/8″ cordless wrench with 12 volt battery, charger- unknown working condition
Craftsman Drills and Makita 1/2 drive – unknown working condition
Milwaukee cordless 18 volt tools; Milwaukee 18 volt tools

Sockets & Ratchets
Metric ratchet wrenches, standard open end wrenches, and crescent wrenches
Misc Box of 1/2 inch drive sockets; 3/4 inch drive sockets
Metric deep well sockets 12-23; 3/8 Air Ratchets; Craftsman 3/8 Air Ratchets
Socket Drive Set; OTC 1/2 inch drive 25-250 per pound torque wrench
Misc 3/8 drive sockets and ratchets; Snap on Torque Wrench – 200 foot pound
3/8 drive snap torque wrench; Nut Driver Socket Wrenches
3/4 inch socket drive set; 3/4″ Drive set w/ ratchet, breaker bar, 2″ to 3/4″
3/4″ Deep well metric impact sockets – 26mm to 38mm
3/4″ impact deep well socket set – 15/16″to 1 7/16″; Craftsman extractor sockets
1/2″ Impact deep well sockets – 7/16″ to 1 1/4″
3/8″ drive deep well impact sockets – 9mm to 19mm
3/8″ Deep well impact sockets – 5/16″ to 3/4″; 3) 1/4 ” ratchets, nut driver, and sockets
Hanson screw extraction set 1/8″ to 7/8″; 1/2″ Deep well socket set – 10mm to 24mm
Craftsman 3/8″ drive short sockets – 1/4″ to 3/4″
1/2″ and 3/8″ Ratchets and misc sockets; Carlyle 1/2″ socket set – 3/8″ to 1″
Metric Deep well impact sockets 10mm to 27mm
1 1/2″ Impact socket 3/4″ drive; impact extensions, reducers, and misc sockets
John Deere 3/8″ short sockets 6mm to 19mm
Ratchet Wrenches, misc flat wrenches and o-picks
Craftsman deep well sockets 10mm to 19mm; Craftsman Deep well sockets – 3/8″ to 7/8″
Craftsman 3/8″ drive swivel 12 pt sockets – 3/8″-3/4″
Craftsman short socket 3/8″ drive – 3/8″ to 7/8″
Craftsman 3/8″ drive short standard sockets 3/8″ -7/8″
Craftsman 3/8″ drive – 3/8″ to 7/8″ deep well sockets
10 piece 3/8″ drive hex & driver bit socket set
Northern 1/2″ socket set 7/16″-1 1/4″; 1/2″ Deep well sockets – 1/2″ to 5/16″
Misc 1/2 inch Drive Sockets; Misc Box of drive sockets
3/8 drive socket set – some missing; 3/8 Socket Sets, Ratchet
1/2″ & 3/8″ ratchets and extensions; 3/8″ crows foot sockets 3/8″-3/4″
1/4″ ratchets, extensions, and deep well and standard sockets
Craftsman impact 3/8″ drive – 6 point socket set 1/4″ – 3/4″
Craftsman 3/8″ drive – deep well 6 pt socket set – 3/8″ to 7/8″
JD 3/8″ deep well metric socket set – 12 pt – 10mm to 21mm
Craftsman 1/4″ drive 6 pt – standard socket set – 3/16″ to 9/16″
Craftsman deep well standard socket set – 6 pt – 3/16″ to 9/16″
Stanley Professional socket set in case – 6 pt – 3/16″ to 9/16″ w/ 1/4″ inch ratchet and 1/4″ driver
Craftsman impact 3/8″ drive – 6 point socket set 1/4″ – 3/4″ – deep well
Craftsman 3/8″ drive metric sockets – 10-18mm
Craftsman 3/8″ drive short impact sockets- metric – 10-19mm
Craftsman 3/8″ drive deep well impact sockets- 3/8″ to 7/8″
Craftsman 3/8″ drive deep well impact sockets- metric – 10-21mm
Craftsman 3/8″ drive deep well impact sockets- metric – 10-19mm
3/8″ drive misc ratchets and extensions; 1/2″ ratchets and extensions
3/8″ Craftsman Impact Extensions and swivel extensions
Craftsman 1/2″ drive Short Sockets- Metric 9-19mm
Craftsman 1/2″ drive SAE Sockets – Short 7/16″ – 15/16″
Craftsman 1/2″ drive Deep well Impact Sockets – 3/8″ thru 1-1/16″
Craftsman 1/2″ drive Deep well Sockets – Metric – 12-27mm

Battery Chargers & Starters
Schumacher 6 & 12 Volt Battery charger on wheels; Schumacher 10 amp battery charger 6/12 volt
DieHard 60/20/2Amp Battery Charger on wheels 275/125 Amp Engine starter w/battery tester
Schumacher 10 amp battery charger 6/12 volt 200 & 100 Amp engine start and 40 & 10 Amp charger
Century Heavy Duty Battery Charger/ Booster; Solar Battery Charger/ Starter; 2 Motorcycle Battery Chargers

Welding & Cutting Equipment
Millermatic 250 Electric Wire Feed Welder
Lincoln 180 Electric wire Feed Welder
Smith Torch Set w/Cart and Guages
Thermal Dynamics Cut Master 75 – PCH/M-102 Plasma Cutter w/ stand

Double Barrel Shot Gun – Damascus barrel – wall hanger only
2 Shot gun Barrels – Remington Arms Company – 12 ga. 2 3/4 inch
Metal Dekalb Sign

Racking, Cabinets, Carts & Organizers
Bolt together racking – 6 End stands & 44 Rails
Metal racking – 5 – 8ft sections – 42 inches deep – 4 shelves high
Metal racking – 5 – 8ft sections – 42 inches deep – 4 shelves high
Metal racking – 2 – 12ft sections – 2 shelves high 42inches deep
10′ Metal Workbench – 29″ Deep with 20 drawers
Craftsman Tool Box – 2 Piece; Homemade welding table on wheels
Small homemade Welding Table w/ vise; Metal Shop Press with Various Homemade Dies
Craftsman Rolling tool box – 8 drawers on top / 14 drawers on bottom, lockable
Mopar Ignition Service Metal Cabinet w/ 3 shelves and door storage
GP Tune Up Parts Metal cabinet 4 shelves w/ door storage and keys
Mopar Ignition & Auto service metal cabinet top and bottom compartments
CarQuest Engine Controls Metal cabinet w/ shelves and top slide out drawer and Keys
Car Quest Engine control metal cabinet 6 shelf; 4 – 40 Space Bolt Bin
Black metal bin w/grease fittings and half moon keys, and misc
Box of Misc Screws, snap in screws, grease fittings w/ needle greaser
Blue organizers with bolts and screws; 4 Tier – Round organizer stand on wheels
Grey organizer w/pop rivets, springs, square nuts and misc
78 Bins of Misc New Metric bolts various sizes and carriage bolts of various sizes
Plastic bolt bin – 30 space bin w/new carriage bolts various sizes
Homemade Roller Stand; Folding Stands; Metal Utility Cart with Drawer On Wheels
Red Metal Utility Cart with 2 shelves and drawer; Several misc file organizers
14ft by 7ft 3 inches tall – Wood Parts bin Organizer Rack
Plastic Utility Shop Cart on Wheels; 200 Gallon Used Oil Barrel with Funnel
Anco Windshield Wiper Service Center Rack; Homemade Cart on wheels
Metal Utility cart with drawer and on wheels w/ wrench organizer
Stanley 25 compartment organizer w/ bolts, nuts, washers
Homemade metal rack 6 shelves on one side 4 on the other on wheels
Craftsman plastic tool box / organizer w/ tools; Round Display Case
3) Stanley 8 compartment organizers w/misc nuts, bolts, screws, nails
2 – Gray 2 drawer file cabinet w/ key; Plastic Drawer Organizer
Bulldog Jacks and Tractor Splitting Stands – 4 pieces

Jacks & Shop Stands
2 – Hi-lift Jack; 2 – Tool Bar; Oil Dispenser Unit with pump- 4 60 gallon tanks
2 Ton Engine Hoist; 12 Ton Hydraulic Jack – Orange; 20 Ton Hydraulic Jack – Orange
Prolift 8 Ton Hydraulic Jack – Gray; Speedy lift 3 ton capacity garage jack
Omega 22 Ton Air Actuated Hydraulic Axel Jack with cart
Torin Big Red 1/5T Aluminum service jack; Hi-lift Jack
2 Homemade Tractor Stands; Hydraulic Floor Jack – 5 ton
2 Homemade Tractor Safety Stands; Craftsman 4 ton Floor Jack
2 small car safety stands; 2 car safety stands; 2 Car Stands;

Keller 4 Foot Fiberglass step ladder; Prolift 8 Ton Hydraulic Jack – Gray
Werner Fiberglass 4ft ladder – blue; Werner Fiberglass 4ft ladder – orange
Werner Fiberglass 6ft ladder – orange; Werner Fiberglass 8ft ladder – orange
Keller Fiberglass 6ft ladder – orange; Keller Fiberglass 8ft ladder – orange
Werner Fiberglass 8ft ladder – orange; Keller Fiberglass 8ft ladder – orange
Aluminum Extension Ladder – 24 foot

Misc. Shop Equipment
Misc 5 Gallon Buckets; 2 – 100 ft extension cords; 50′ Air Hose w/ Melton “p” Style couplers
28′ air hose w/ Melton “P” coupler & 34′ of air hose no ends
25′ 8/3 cord w/ ends (plug in is bad); 25″ 10/3 cord w/ ends
Carhart Hvy Dty wash suit; Rubber Gloves & 3 Piece PVC Hvy Dty Rain suit
2 Gallon oil container and 2 funnels; Box misc used bolts; Misc large bolts, Ball hitches, pins
2 oil pour containers and filter wrenches; Box of funnels
ToughBuilt Saw Horses – 1100 Pound capacity; 4ft extending vices – 3 pieces
Cabela’s XL lightweight rain suit; 3′ 10/3 cord w/ ends; Creeper
5.50-16 Harvest King Dry Ribbed used tractor tire; 15 Steel Fence Post
Power Lite 2 light shop light on stand; Colman Powermate Portable Air Tank
Sanborn wagon force Portable air tank; Portable hose reel w/ garden hose
Portable air tank w/ guage; 2 machetes; Electric MIlwaukee shop radio / charger
Wheel Barrow with 2 Front Wheels – items inside barrow is not included
2) hand sprayers; Comfort Zone Ceramic heater 1300 or 1500 watt 110vlt
Extreme Garage carpet fan 3 spd; 1/2″ 300 PSI air hose w/ Melton “G” Style couplers 50′
Cob Fork, Spade, and 4 tine pitch fork; Scoop Shovel and a squeegee
Mop and Aluminum Scoop Shovel; Broom, Squeegee, Square shovel
1 roll of wire; Homemade Ice Scraper; Small Broom and Aluminum Scoop Shovel
Small Broom and Scoop Shovel; Potato Fork and Small Scoop Shovel
Electrical Extension Cords; Buckets; 2 misc gas jugs
2 small plastic gas cans, Jerry gas can; Red Safety Flags and Misc Shelf Brackets
4 Inch Drop Receiver Hitch with 2-5/16 ball; 7 1/2′ 10 AWG cord w/ ends & water hose
Reese 5’1/4 drop receiver hitch with 2 inch ball
White and Black Battery Jumper Cables; Orange Battery Jumper Cables
Bosch Power Box Radio with digital media bay and power outlets
Yellow Battery Jumper Cables; Come- A- Long
Yellow Coiled Air Hose with Milton P Style Couplers
Receiver hitch with 2-5/16 ball and 2 – two inch balls
4 gallons of lemon ammonia cleaner and misc cleaners
Box of Buckets with misc brushes, supplies and 2 water sprinklers
JD 1030 Breaking Oil Gallon, PB Oil, Large sheets of sandpaper
Hydraulic Oil, Gear Lube, Awesome Orange Cleaner, Durex anti freeze- all partials
Medium Duty 20ft Log Chain with hooks; 275 Gallon Plastic Tote
50 Gallon Oil Barrel- Empty; 2 Chain Binders; 2- 6ft chains with hook
2 Chain Binders; 7ft long chain with hooks; 2 Chain Binders
Beckman Fishing Net; JD Seat Side Panels for 20 series tractors
Medium Duty 20ft Log Chain with hooks; 3 Chain Binders
Box of Motorola Business Ban Radios; Yard Tools – 2 Rakes and 2 Hoes
Bucket of Misc Chain; 2 Bundles of Asphalt Shingles – Rustic Slate – NEW
Medium Duty 20ft Log Chain with hooks; Portable Power Stand
2 Barrell Pumps; Used Piston Sleeves, used door sweeps, and used misc cables
Alemite 14.4 Battery powered grease gun in case w/2 batteries and a charger
Medium Duty 20ft Log Chain with hooks; Box of Misc fittings, flags and yard mulch
Medium Duty 8ft Log Chain with hooks; Gallon Oil Jug and Antique Wrenches
2 Boxes of Misc Engine Heaters – working condition w/ 2 tarps
3/4″ compressed air tubbing & brackets – feet unknown
Lightweight Log Chain with hooks; 11ft Log Chain with hooks
Box misc paint scrapers, Huskee Gravity Feed Spray gun, drop light,
Paint spraying mask; Misc Paint scrapers, plastic scrapers, caulk gun, electric flood light
Flexzilla 30′ 3/8″ Air hose reel – new in box
Box of misc organizers, vinyl tubing, shop rags, drawer liner
Box of Misc parts – blower tubes, used bearings made into wheels, screen
3 – Pair of Ratchet Straps; 3 Straps and a Hook
Pallet Full of Painting Supplies- sprayers, brushes, tarps, cleaners, buffers, polishers
3 misc link extension cords – 14AWG; Grease gun and oil cans
Groundworks shovel (28″ long) and Yeoman brand new hedge shears w/ extendable handles
2) Hedge shears; Box of misc lubricants, oil cans, sea-foam
Craftsman caddy, GMC grill decal, lites, 3 bucket organizers
Grill bra, Drawer organizers, washers, bolts, Prodigy brake controller
Jumper cables for larger vehicles in carrying case; smaller Jumper cable pack in carrying case
Box misc. fluids – machine polish, fuel tank sealer, rubbing compound, fly spray and misc.
Power steering fluid, 2 qt battery filler, sponges, steel wool & spray foam
2) organizers w/drawers w/ misc screws, light bulbs, fuses, etc
Tote of Fishing items; Plano tackle box w/ Fishing items; 25′ 12 gauge extension cord
Misc used hydraulic hoses, ends, gauges; Tackle box w/ misc fishing items
Misc cans of Brake Cleaner and Lubricants; Hitch Pins; 2 pails with U bolts
Used Spark Plugs, Bolts and misc; Bolts and misc spacers
Frame Mounting Bolts and Weight Mounting Bolts with misc Parts
Fine threaded bolts and misc bolts; Roll of Electric Fence Wire
Pan of 5/16″ nuts and misc bolts; 6 tie downs; 2 lawn sprinklers
Heavy Metal 3/8 lag screws; Box of Floor Rollers /Wheels; Misc Bolts
Box of Plastic Sealant; Metal Screws for sheet steel; Misc O’rings and gaskets
Dust Covers, Fine threaded bolts and misc knobs
Steel Fence Post Driver; Misc Front Lug Bolts, heater fittings and misc bolts

Misc. Tractor & Equipment Parts
International C Fenders; Large Construction hitch pin
JD PTO Air Compressor – #6886-C; JD PTO Air Compressor – #5886-C
JD PTO Air Compressor – #6886-C – no hose; JD Steps and 2 JD Radios
JD Disc Standard #A46201 and Metal Bracket; 2 JD Side Decals
Misc Antique Wrenches; JD Cultivator Parts and New Rubber pack wheels
2- Cultivator Guides and 2 JD Gloves; Baler Teeth, Mower Guards, and Rake Teeth
Farm Ex Moisture tester; Metal Seat; Plow Lays – 18 inch; Box of used JD tachs
Radiator Holding Brackets and misc scrap iron and JD pencil injectors
Box of Used JD tachs; Radiator Hoses, used fan belts; Misc. box of trailers lights
JD 2510 or 2520 fuel filter and misc bolts; Misc used JD steel oil lines
Misc Bolts and spacers, old international tractor tack; Misc. Pedal Tractor Parts
Front Hood Ornament on Cannon 20 series tractors, stud bolts for 2 cylinders, light mounting pipe
Oil Filter Caps and steering parts for 2 cylinder; Carburetor with broken gear, misc 2 cylinder parts
JD Mower Mount for #5 mower, stud bolts, lock out wedge for narrow front end
JD Misc. Part cables and rock shaft cables; Large Lug Nuts for Axle Mounts and misc bolts and parts
Used JD ignition Parts, brake lining, header bolts; JD two cylinder hydraulic plugs and new front wheel bolts
Gas sediment bowls & brake rivets; Used Coils and Switches; Front Axle Pivot Pins and Bushings
Lug Bolts and Hydraulic pump drive couplers; Used JD PTO clutches, PTO shield
Mounting Bolts for weights, misc fittings and bolts; 3 Point parts, break parts, and bolts
Wheel Bearings, rear light holding brackets; PTO Adapters; 3 point mounting pins and bushings
JD light fixtures; JD Fender Lights; Muffler Clamps, light bulbs, and misc.
2 Used Air Filters and Hand Winch; JD Chainsaw – Engine is tight
Used Fuel gauge and misc; Radiator Hoses and Heater Hose and misc

Metal (New & Used)
Misc Flat Iron and square tubbing; Misc. Round Pipe – various lengths
Angle Iron, channel iron, and some square tubbing – various lengths
Shelf of Misc channel iron- small square tubbing iron
Misc Round Pipe- various lengths; Misc. angle iron and some round rubbing
metal racking – 2 – 12ft sections – 2 shelves high 42inches deep
Pair of Tractor Steering Wheels – need work
Misc. Metal – various lengths, flat, round, square- misc lengths
Sheet of Flat Iron – 5ft x5ft – 1/16 flat steel and misc steel

Pickup Dates: Sun. Feb. 28 from 1 – 5 pm & Mon March 1 from 2 – 6pm. Winning bidders will receive an invoice for full amount including 8% buyers premium and SD sales tax. There is a $750.00 Buyers Premium cap per item. Terms: Cash, bankable check or Wire Transfer of funds to the Dean/Edwards Account. (Credit card information is for verification purposes only and will not be charged as payment). Any Invoice totals of $100.00 or less will automatically be charged to the credit card on record.

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Saturday, February 27, 2021
11:00 am - 11:30 pm
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Auction Company

Dean / Edwards & Associates, LLC


Andy & Doris Spaans Estate

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Online Only – Mitchell, SD
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